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As kids, we were all fascinated with animals at one point. It can seem like working with animals is a bit of an immature job because of that association. In studying and viewing animals, most people are exposed to the field via zoos, which are largely designed as an attraction meant for families and young children. However, if you are a fan of Sir David Attenborough, you have probably seen Planet Earth, which shows you that studying animals can be for more ages than just the young. In fact, studying the animal kingdom is a deeply valuable scientific field that can help us in many aspects of life. Working with private zoology tutors, you can see animals for the mature lessons they provide, not just the ones that we pass on to the young generation.

Zoology as a study dates back to Aristotle, who is considered the father of zoology. He and Galen were known in the Greco-Roman world for their study of biology. This work was developed over the years, but the greatest leap in the field came in the mid 19th century through the work of Charles Darwin. Darwin’s expedition to the Galapagos was not just about learning about new species that we had never seen before, although that was a major aspect of the discoveries. More than that, Darwin introduced the theory of natural selection and other theories on evolution that sent the field in a much more focused direction. By the 1930s, genetics became a highly complementary field and this led to the field of evolutionary biology.

As it stands today, zoologists tackle the subject from a variety of different angles, including structure, physiology, evolution, classification, ethology, and geography. Structurally, we break down species into a series of groups based on their cells. The presence of a membrane around the nucleus creates the domain of Eukarya, which is where humans reside. Archaea and Bacteria are the other major kingdoms, which are both membrane-less nucleus organisms that have different structures. In physiology, we look at the similarities and differences between the systems in the body in different species. In some, we are able to make inferences about our own physiology based on the findings in other species. On the evolutionary level, we look to see how species have changed over time. The theory of natural selection posits that species develop traits that make them more apt to reproduce and those traits are passed down through survivors over time to shape new species. This can go hand in hand with archaeology, as we sometimes need to use fossils and other physical evidence to prove the links in the chain between old species and new. Classification is where you get to the order of naming. Unlike most geography, there are still animals left to discover that we have not been able to find yet. That said, we have a standard for naming that drops from general categories to more specific. The order is: domain, kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus, and species. Most names are reduced to genus and species, which is where we get the name Homo sapiens. Ethology is the study of animal behavior under normal conditions, which can be obstructed just by the act of observing. They have been particularly focused in the years on the evolution of behavior. Finally, geography is important both in terms of where animals live and where they should not.

Through all of this, it should be readily apparent that there is a great need for zoologists. We are only scratching the surface of discovering all that there is to know about different species and their place in the ecosystem, including our own. With zoology tutors near me, you can find out more about the creatures that live on this weird little planet.


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Finding the right private zoology tutoring can be as difficult as finding anything at a zoo. Have you been to a zoo recently? They are organized in the weirdest of ways. I always find myself walking all around the place in circles and tiring myself out. Maybe their goal is to make this happen to the guests, so they can force them to pay tons of money for things like refreshments. Either way, I sometimes just want a guide who can take me through everything in an efficient way, so I am not wasting my time walking around. Much in the same way, someone who would be great as a tutor for us is someone that is able to similarly guide students through their lessons, reminding them to get back on track when they are going in the wrong direction. This way, you are not wasting your time studying things that are never going to be important to you, whether it be your interests or your educational requirements.

There are a lot of different areas to zoology, so it is just as important to find someone that fits your specific niche as it is to find someone that is generally knowledgeable in the field of zoology. For example, someone that is specifically interested in evolution and the role it plays in our lives might want to work with someone that has a history studying evolution. That said, this specificity means that we are always looking for new tutors that have their own spin on the subjects.

Just as finding the right zoology tutoring near me is about getting someone in your aspect of the field, you might also go more specific to look at certain geographical terrain. The behavior of animals changes greatly depending on where they live, so you want to make sure that you are getting someone that can help you with the climates that you are focusing on. Animals in the tundra live very different lives than animals in the desert.

In the end, finding the right tutor is a very personal task, so our net goes wide to staff up. We want to cover everyone, so that means hiring from all different backgrounds and that could include you too.


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