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Water Polo Tutoring

Water polo is a sport that is not very popular in America. It began as a sport in late 19th century England and Scotland, so it is something that came over after America was already established. At the same time as water polo was being invented, Americans were inventing their own games which were much easier to pick up. Water polo, as the name might suggest, needs water, which is a huge barrier of entry. You can’t play in most pools because it also requires a lot of space. In many cases, you need to have exclusive access to a pool, which means that you are limited even more. Consider then the American sports developed in the late 1800s. Baseball is just a stick and a ball. Basketball is just a ball and one or two hoops. Football has its unique, oblong-shaped ball, but it is similar to the rugby balls that already existed. There are obvious accessories now, like padding and gear, but the fact remains that the American sports of the late 1800s had far fewer barriers to entry than water polo.

As such, you might think that there are no water polo tutors near me, but you would be surprised at how many you could find. Thanks to our large network of tutors, it has never been easier to get better at the sport, which is good news for America. Because water polo is only growing in the US, we have not been one of the contenders every year at the Olympics. As you might expect, Great Britain won the first four Olympic water polo medals, although they never won or even returned to the finals ever again. Instead, Hungary emerged as a powerhouse in the sport, claiming nine golds, including three straight between 2000 and 2008. For the US, we have never placed higher than silver in men’s water polo and did not reach the finals from the first event in 1900 until the first silver medal in 1984.

It is only in recent years that the US has really made an impact on the sport and more of the impact comes from the women, who have only been competing in the Olympics since 2000. In the five Olympics that have included water polo, the US women are the only team to medal in all five, holding the most golds with two and the most silvers with another two. That is really good news for young women in America because it means that there is good reason to compete to make the team and a good reason to seek the help of private water polo tutoring.

One of the life lessons that you might gain from playing water polo is to instill determination and tirelessness into you. One of the rules that is unique to water polo is that you are not allowed to touch the ground, forcing you to tread water constantly. It requires incredible leg strength, lung capacity, and endurance, as there is never really a chance to catch your breath or recover. You can never take a play off because you will sink or get a penalty. Some people are ready for that challenge right out of the gate, but others seek the additional help of a swimming tutor to specifically improve in water polo.

Although many do not have access to water polo, those that do see what it does to help make you a better person overall. Team sports often do great things to help people learn to work together, stay humble, and compete with sportsmanship, but water polo goes even further by leaving you with a work ethic that can make you a champion in and out of the pool.


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If you were a fan of mid-2000s teen drama, you probably stumbled across The OC in your time. The Newport Beach-set show followed a teen from the low-income area of Chino, CA moving into the swanky life of rich Orange County. Of course, the bad guy on the show, who uttered the iconic quote welcoming Ryan to the OC with a derogatory term tacked onto the end, was a player for the water polo team, seemingly representing rich, white, entitled jocks everywhere through his choice. That is how water polo is seen in America because there are so many barriers to entry. On the socio-economic spectrum of sports, the most accessible sports are the ones with the lowest barriers to entry, which are boxing and running. On the other side, are the least accessible due to high cost and difficulty finding a location, including hockey, water polo, and, worst of them all, hockey.

Finding private water polo tutors, we look for people that you can connect with. The stereotype that The OC threw out of an entitled bully is obviously an exaggeration, as there are many great water polo players that are great people too. You can’t judge a book by its cover, so we do not throw anyone out just for what the image might be. We hope to find people that are passionate about the game and can pass it along to others. Those that possess fish-like water treading skills can be hard to come by, but the techniques that make it easier are also hard to learn. The eggbeater style of treading water, which derives its name from the similar look your legs have to an eggbeater, is something that takes training from an expert.

In finding water polo tutoring near me, you want someone that can push your legs harder than they have been pushed before. You want to build technique as well as strength and endurance. One way to do both is by planning with your tutor. Let’s be honest. There really is no such thing as an athletics tutor. You are really signing up to work with a trainer. Whatever you choose to call it, your mentor should be someone that promotes good habits. As much as I hated the layup lines and suicide drills of practices back in the day, the results always show when you get in the pool.


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