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Without a strong vocabulary, it becomes much more difficult to get your point across. You do not have to use obscure words that no one knows as an attempt to flex your vocabulary. But if you are aware of these words it will help you communicate better if someone does try to slip these into a casual conversation. You would be surprised how often business professionals try to show off their vocabulary to spot any weak links in the group.

The vocabulary classes that you are taking while in high school might seem pointless but they are helping you build up your lexicon. The stronger your grasp is on vocabulary the better writer and communicator you will become as you age. All great leaders were also great communicators and they were able to move a crowd to action with their words. Individuals like Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy, and Winston Churchill are just to name a few.

People loved these individuals and were willing to risk their lives based on the ideologies that they created with nothing more than vocabulary, education, research and a passion for change. If you are starting to see that slacking in your English class is not going to pay off you might be searching for "vocabulary tutoring near me." We have the English tutors who can lead these sessions for you thus helping you become a better orator and writer.

The more you know and the better you communicate, the better off you are going to be in this life. If you can write and communicate with others, in a professional tone, you will always find that you have work. Having a strong sense of vocabulary is also just an immeasurable skill to have that you can pass along to the next generation. Storytelling, both verbally and written, are rooted in vocabulary. Keep the tradition going and start working with one of our private vocabulary tutors as soon as possible. Maybe add in grammar tutoring too.

One of the key elements in being able to get your point across in any language is understanding how to use certain words. The way things are said and the context for which they are used evoke a set of emotions that are unique to each word. But you do not just have this type of knowledge innate in you, it has to be taught you by someone who has learned it themselves. That is what you will be getting when you work with one of our tutors, they will pass along vital information that they have learned over the years.

Vocabulary tests are the worst for some students. We have parents calling in all the time telling us how poor their child is performing on these tests. Typically this is because students do not take it seriously until their grade is in jeopardy. With the advent of text messaging language, students are limiting their vocabulary. They do not have the time or want to use certain words that they feel are old and outdated. But you, as a parent, know that this is false. We also realize this which is why we like to make our lesson plans relatable.

For example, we had a student who was in a tenth grade English class. A major part of their grade was vocabulary quizzes and exams but the student was blowing off these. He had no interest, but he was deep into music. He loved all types of music, and his favorite genre was hip hop. It was very important for the parents that the tutor was someone that their child could relate to on a personal level. We were able to get the student matched with a tutor who was also a fan of hip hop.

The tutor showed the student how having a deep understanding of language and vocabulary is what created some of that student’s favorite emcees. From that point on the student took vocabulary and English very seriously. This is the type of unique matchmaking process that we supply at HeyTutor. We have stories, such as this one, for days.


Who we hire?


If you want to sound like a professional then you need to work with one. When you started your search for “vocabulary tutors near me” this is what you were looking for and you can find it with Premiere. We work with tutors who have been working in the industry for several years and are the best at what they do.

Recently we had a student who was looking for a proofreading tutor for their college entrance exam. They wanted someone who could read over and make sure there were no grammatical errors. The student ended up getting into the school and in their acceptance letter, it was mentioned that they had an exemplary essay.

This was partially because of the work that the tutor had done with the student. Now that student is able to proofread their own papers and it has made them into a fantastic writer. If you want proofreading skills or a stronger vocabulary, you can get the tools at Premiere. Think of us as a tool shed, we have everything you need to get the job done.

But the tools are not just going to magically do everything for you, they are only as powerful as the beholder. You hold all of the strength, you just need someone to help you shine bright like a diamond. A hammer does not just pound a nail into the wall, you do all of the work. The hammer just makes things a whole lot easier. Your English tutor is also going to make things simpler but you are going to be the one working hard. It will be a grind but it will be worth it.

Private vocabulary tutoring that is built for you personally is the solution that you seek. Not every student gets this opportunity and it is not just for those who are struggling. Even students who are doing well in class can benefit from auxiliary lessons with a professional. No one will ever know everything, but you can get close by working with a specialist. Expansion of the mine and growth as a person are two of the main components of our process. Let us help you help yourself by matching you with an elite tutor who will be a perfect fit.  


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