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Visual Basic Tutoring

Back in 1987, Microsoft made developing a much easier thing to do when they introduced Visual Basic to the market. Many people were impressed with the new programming language, not just because it was shiny and new, but because of all of the incredible functionality that you can get out of it. There were amazing things that you could do with Visual Basic that were not present in other programming languages. This might all sound like a bunch of nonsense to you, but when you write code, you need to put it through a compiler before you can display the results. If you need to make a change to the code, you need to run that whole thing back through, instead of just going ahead with minor tweaks. One of the things that Visual Basic was able to do that no other languages were offering at the time was an edit and continue function that allowed you to make changes on the fly and see the fruits of your labor fairly quickly. Here is where you are getting the most value out of the new language, but Microsoft changed things over the years. That feature was removed and it was like they removed the popularity with it. Suddenly, Visual Basic started to fall out of favor and you would think it was entirely dead. But that is not the case. You can still get private Visual Basic tutors who can teach you all about the greatness of this old language, even if it is mostly obsolete.

See, back in the day, coding was just for the dorks that spent all day locked away with a massive computer that was the size of an entire room. Not to be mean to dorks and computer geniuses, but I just mean to say that there were really only a select few that could put the time and effort into learning to code. That started to change over time, but the thing that changed the game and brought down all barriers to entry was when Microsoft launched Visual Basic. Before, you needed to code everything in the coding environment, but Visual Basic, as implied by the name, blended a virtual environment with the coding to create something much more user friendly and open for all. You could create things visually and support with code, rather than doing it all in code. That was a game changer for a very long time, but every leader comes face to face with a competitor and for Visual Basic, it was always C#. We offer C# tutors too, by the way.

We like to pit things against each other and form rivalries. There are plenty of cola companies out there, but we decided it is really all about Coke and Pepsi. There are more than two ride share services, but it is still Lyft and Uber. I recently heard a famous singer complaining on her talk show about how women are always pitted against each other. There was Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. Mariah Carey and, well, she hates everyone other than herself. I think the ladies forget that men are also compared. I remember asking my buddy if he was more excited for the 50 Cent album or Kanye because they were releasing at the same time. He said Rascal Flatts. In the coding world, Visual Basic has C# to deal with. C# stoles all the good features, while Visual Basic stripped them away. Now, here we are.

This might make you think twice about looking for Visual Basic tutors near me and that is actually not a bad thing. Not to say you should click away, but you might be better served if you were to look into another kind of tutoring, like C# or even one of the other languages we offer, which is almost all of them. That said, we are here with Visual Basic help if you need it.


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One of the things that we all run into when it comes to Visual Basic is the popularity. Not many people come to us looking for private Visual Basic tutoring because the professional developer community has moved on from that language years ago and is way ahead of the curve. What happened was Visual Basic became the language of amateurs and that made professionals cringe. What is happening now is that the barriers are so low for you to start coding with Visual Basic that bad code is infiltrating the market and there are even better languages that are even easier to pick up.

When it comes to barriers of entry, we are actively trying to drop those for you as you look to start learning. We find that the problems that many students have are things that we can help them alleviate. There are way too many ways for us to change the narrative with a student and that come from the kinds of people that we look for when hiring tutors. We are always looking for people with a caring personality because nothing helps a kid grow more than having enough self-esteem to keep pushing on. Whether it is deserved or not, the only thing that is stopping you is your willingness to stop and that is something that a tutor will make sure that you never consider. We hire people that are going to inspire you to learn, not just in the classroom, but in life too. One of the most important things to remember is that you are not done learning when you leave school and having a curious mind will always work to your benefit.

Visual Basic tutoring near me was not great for me growing up, but I can tell you that it is much better today than ever before. We do not have a lot of young tutors because they are not really interested in Visual Basic these days. Basic is in the title, so teens are over that. But there are still tons of experienced people out there that are pros with Visual Basic.


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