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Learning to play the violin is not something that is very easy to do on your own. Starting out, you might run into issues just with the hardware if you are not experienced enough. Tuning a violin is not like tuning a guitar, where you can easily go online and match the sound of the string to an online tuner and tighten or loosen the strings yourself. For the violin, you are going to break your strings if you are over-tuning and that is a fairly common issue for new players that are trying to do things on their own. When you work with private violin tutors, you are going to get the benefits of their musical skills, which will almost always include the ability to tune the violin by ear. Not every violin tutor is an expert on pitch, but most of them will have some understanding of music theory, which is going to help them know when you are sharp or flat and help you adjust. Doing things on your own could result in you forming a habit where you are not on key and that could be damaging to your long term skills. Instead of that, you should seek the help of a tutor.

The issue with that is that some people live in rural areas and the access to quality tutoring is just not available. We would ask that you at least get in touch with us to take on the challenge of finding you a tutor because you would be surprised at how good we are at finding someone that can not only tutor you, but can come directly to your home to offer their services. That is something that you can’t find other places or on your own, so at least give us the chance to make that a reality for you. As much as you can start yourself off with the violin on your own, you are going to have an extremely difficult time getting to the level where you can play Beethoven in an orchestra. That is not to say that you can’t do it because anything is possible, but you are really putting yourself behind the eight ball when it comes to violin skills if you are not at least working with someone else that can help you refine your technique. This is one of the most technically difficult instruments, so you want to make sure that you are not cheating yourself.

Here is the real deal when it comes to violin or really any instrument. If you want to reach the point where you are able to play your favorite pop songs well enough to impress your friends or people at a party, you can do that all on your own and get good enough where you are passing for talent. If you want to reach a level where you are technically sound, you are going to need to work with someone professional to take you to the next level. Some people are okay with the former, but others want to really refine the skill. I will also say that there are virtuosos that can do everything on their own, but those people are few and far between, so do not go thinking that you are one of those people because you might be humbled in the end. Instead, search for violin tutors near me to find someone able to help you with your finger placement, refine your posture and make it comfortable to play, and show you how you can maintain consistently proper technique while playing in the future.


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When it comes to the violin, you are not talking about a cheap investment. The instrument itself is going to cost you around $500 to start, but you might have to look even higher for the right quality and that is not even getting into accessories and maintenance. You are putting a lot of money in, so you might look at tutoring as just more money on top. Some see it as adding water to an overflowing bucket and you are just spilling and wasting in the end. That is not the way that you should look at it. The reason that you should be hiring private violin tutoring is that it is more like pouring the water and more into a bigger bucket. You are building on your capacity with tutoring in a way that will be worth the investment because you can plug the holes in your technique that you would have struggled with if you had not had the help of a professional.

Our violin tutors are incredible at helping students figure out the issues with their technique or other factors. In looking at the mistakes that many amateurs make, sometimes it comes in just picking the right violin. There are 9 different sizes of violin and choosing the wrong one on your own can make playing seem impossible. A tutor can help show you which one is best for your body type. Rosining your bow seems like it is so easy, but some people struggle because they are under or over-rosining the bow and causing the sound to come out wrong. As mentioned above, tuning is often one of the hardest things for amateurs to get down and doing it wrong can lead to broken strings. In terms of physical technique, making sure that your wrists are strong is important because a lot of people let them go too limp and struggle as such. No matter your issue, our tutors are going to help you by noticing the problem and suggesting ways to work around them. Some people have their own way that works for them and our tutors will help you push your skills to be better while also sticking with what works for you.

When you are searching for violin tutoring near me, you should think first to our incredible staff of qualified tutors that have had a history of helping students around the country learn to play this wonderful instrument.


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