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The relationship that Americans have with Vietnam, Vietnamese culture, and the Vietnamese language has come a very long way in the past 50 years. The Vietnam War left scars on many American families that have still not healed, but that does not mean that we have not incorporated Vietnam into the American melting pot. In fact, Vietnamese is actually the third most common language after English and Spanish in four states, including Washington, Nebraska, Texas, and Oklahoma. In my personal experience, I was first exposed to Vietnamese food through the food, specifically through the deliciousness of the Vietnamese soup dish, pho. As someone that really loves to eat ramen, this Vietnamese dish that has similar composition hits the spot. It is also indicative of the biggest problem that Americans have with the Vietnamese language. I might say that word like it is spelled and it would be like four without the r, but the Vietnamese pronunciation is like duh with an f. To be fair, it does make for some pretty fun names of restaurants that make use of the word play. Ultimately, pronunciation is key to learning Vietnamese and that is something you can focus on with your private Vietnamese tutors.

I think that a lot of Americans immediately think of the complex characters of Chinese or Japanese when they think of Asian languages, but one of the best things about Vietnamese for English speakers is that they use the same letters that we do. Similar to Spanish, the only real difference are symbols above the letters that change the tone. Once you get used to the rules of the symbols, you can pick up reading the language pretty easily. You might not know what it means, but you could verbalize it, which is almost half of the battle. One of the other great features of the language is that there are no gendered words. Spanish is a bit problematic in a non-binary gender landscape since the language is so rooted in a binary idea of gender, but Vietnamese just has words for everybody. How progressive! They also get rid of some of the tiny things that our language has that just add to words, like plurals, articles like a and the, and odd verb endings. They really make it easy on you. Much more than some of the complex romance languages.

Vietnamese can also be easier than other languages because the grammar is bare bones simple. When you hear a Vietnamese person speak broken English and laugh, realize that they are coming from a place where the complexity of grammar has been simplified. They are not dumb. They understand each other just fine and that is the point of language, so I think that they are winning on that one. There is a great episode of The Office where Kevin tries to argue for a simplified grammar system. He is quickly shown an example of how we need some grammar, but he might have been onto something. The Vietnamese seem to have figured it out forever ago, so maybe we should take a page out of their books.

When you are looking to learn Vietnamese, it might seem like the market for tutors is small because it is not one of the popular languages taught in schools, but that is why we are providing our network of Vietnamese tutors near me all around the country. We have tutors wherever you could possibly be hiding, so be sure that we have the resources to get to you. All you need to do is commit some of your resources to one of our fantastic language tutors. Try our Thai tutors too.


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The good thing about tutoring in a language that there are not a lot of other tutors in is that it makes you a hot commodity. We see you for what you are. You are in demand and we just want to help you effectively manage that demand. But that also means that you have a little leverage in this situation. We need you as much as you need us. Consider this as a partnership. Private Vietnamese tutoring is about three parties, the tutors, the students, and the company that helps to match them. Sure, there are ways that you can go out and find clients on your own. We just want you to focus on the aspect of tutoring that is most important, the tutoring. You should not have to also be a marketer of your own small business. That is where the teamwork comes in. You have your skillset and we have our complementary skills that let you stay focused on the students.

As mentioned, Vietnamese is pretty strong in Nebraska, Washington, Oklahoma, and Texas, so you better believe that we have coverage in all of those states. There are plenty of tutors in those areas and we are constantly hiring new tutors to our team that are able to cover the areas. The process is always ongoing and we are still looking all the time. The better news is that the other 46 states have students looking to learn Vietnamese and we are working to find new tutors in those states too, so we can cover the entire United States. Basically, what I am trying to say is that we are looking for tutors all the time, all across the country, so it is in your best interest to apply to join the team.

In Vietnamese tutoring near me, all we wish for are people that are committed to helping students learn about the Vietnamese language and culture. Chances are you have some pride about your heritage or just knowing the language, so that should show in your tutoring. Your excitement will only transfer to the student, so we want you to always show how much you care about Vietnamese. It is not really something that you need to worry about because it will surely come out organically. We just want you to know that our focus is on creating a new wave of people passionate about learning. We really care about the subjects, the students, and the tutors alike.


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