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Video Production Tutoring

For some people, watching films is just a hobby. A way to pass time or spend time with family during an outing. But for others, this is a passion and a lifestyle. Something that they cannot live without and for most of these people they can be found on the opposite side of the camera. Video production is what they live for and the end result, the masterpiece that you get to witness, is what wakes them up each and every morning.

Tim Burton, one of the most renowned filmmakers of the past century was quoted saying “movies are like an expensive form of therapy for me.” If this comment hits home then you are probably interested in working in production as a profession. But you are currently a sophomore in high school and it is not offered as a class.

Now you are on the search for “video production tutoring near me.” Well, you have come to the right place as Premier Tutoring has premier tutors who can help you with every aspect of filmmaking. From idea to completion, they can teach you what it takes to actually make it through this toiling process. It is no easy task and it is going to require years of practice.

Even when you think you have it down to a science something will come in and slap you in the face that you never expected. That is the fun of production and what keeps the greats coming back for more. If you truly want to take this seriously then you know how you can benefit from one of our private video production tutors. Just like a film that goes straight to on-demand, our tutors can come right to the comfort of your own home just like our animation tutors.

However, filmmaking and video production is anything but a comfortable feeling. Fulfilling and life altering? Maybe. But comfortable? Absolutely not and fools in the industry feel like it should be in some cases. In the movie “The Revenant” which got Leonardo DiCaprio his long-awaited Oscar, there were several murmurs from the production. People showed up on the shoot day expecting it to be a sheltered experience with plenty of food and warm places to sit. But the director had an entirely different idea of how the production should be run.

If you have seen the movie then you know what the story is about. This is a rugged film where a man is literally mugged by a bear and chased down by Native Americans who want nothing more than the protagonist’s scalps. The environment is also incredibly cold, bare and unforgiving. The director, Alejandro Inarritu, wanted to emulate this on set so that it could be reflected in the film.

He wanted his crew to struggle and really have to fight in order to get the right shots. Several people disagreed with this and quit. But those who stayed got to reap the benefits of being part of one of the greatest productions in recent memory. Inarritu was nominated and won an Oscar for best director, so he clearly did something right. Point being that production can be a cozy experience but that typically means you are doing it wrong. This is about capturing life and life, when entertaining, is anything but cozy.


Who we hire?


The thing about finding top-notch video production tutors is that you must find individuals who have worked in the industry. If you knew where to find these people then you would not need a tutor, you could just get on set. That is where we come in, we have a database that is packed with experts who are ready to provide assistance in the terms of private video production tutoring.

We only work with the utmost professionals who have been through all the stages of production. If you are looking to learn how to edit then we can match you with a computer tutor who understands all of the editing programs. However, they will only have you learn the industry standard. If you do not know how to use what the other industry professionals are using then you are wasting your time.

I know of an editor who knows how to use literally every type of editing software out there, but when it comes to his own projects he uses the one that is considered amateur. Nonetheless, he constantly gets work and one of his short films just got into a fairly large film festival. But in order for him to get to this point, he had to put himself through the wringer and spend countless hours behind a computer screen editing away.

If you are ready to get on their level then you need to reach out to the auteur I was just speaking of because he is one of our tutors. He is just one of several professionals that you can work with when you get your tutors from us. We have individuals who can cover literally every aspect of production, so whatever floats your boat we can make sure it does not sink. If you want to become a better director who can voice their vision to actors and crew, we can get you linked.

Or maybe you are focusing on pre-production and you hope to become a producer or screenwriter. We also have your back. There is nothing that you can present to our tutors that they have not seen before. And if they have not seen it, they will adapt and find a solution. That is what production is all about in the first place.

When you search for “video production tutors near me” you need to stop at Premier Tutors. We have got what you need. Our services are second to none and will bring their best to the table every time. They will direct an Oscar-worthy performance out of you. When you are hoisting that Oscar over your head, just remember us little guys over at Premier Tutors.


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