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Fauzia Iqbal
from Fort Lauderdale

Hello! Happy to meet you! My name is Fauzia.

I have a master’s degree in Public Administration from the University of Massach... See more

  • education University of Massachusetts Amhe...
  • location Los Angeles
  • subject Urdu + 34 more
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Ayesha Riaz
from Allentown

I have a bachelor’s degree in biology, currently doing my master's in Public Health from the East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania. I also have a bachelor’s degree in a program called MBBS (Bachelors of Medicine and Basic Surgery) fro... See more

  • education DeSales University
  • location Los Angeles
  • subject Urdu + 9 more
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Tutoring Hours

Teaching, tutoring, working with kids and their families is my passion and I have many years of experience in the field of education. My first tutoring job began at 16 years old at a Kumon Franchise, where I tutored elementary kids in math

  • education University of Houston
  • location Los Angeles
  • subject Urdu + 80 more
  • Response time in a day or more
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Muhammad J.
from Pflugerville

I am a second year College student attending the Cockrell School of Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin, and I am majoring in Civil Engineering. I have great experience learning and teaching online and in person, I tutor studen... See more

  • education University of Texas at Austin
  • location Los Angeles
  • subject Urdu + 19 more
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Nida F.
from Laguna Niguel

I am an experienced tutor with B.S. in Math and MS in statistics along with an experience of 10+ years of one-on-one tutoring in mathematics and statistics of all levels. I also have an experience tutoring special education kids (elementary... See more

  • education University of California - Irvin...
  • location Los Angeles
  • subject Urdu + 36 more
tutor's photo
Tahira Khan
from Jacksonville

My professional goals are to refine and learn as much as I can about strategies focused on knowledge management, interpersonal relationship, coaching, and leadership skills necessary to facilitate an infrastructure in education. I believe i... See more

  • education University of North Florida
  • location Los Angeles
  • subject Urdu + 12 more
tutor's photo

With over 20 years of hand-on, successful teaching experience, I am confident in my ability and passion to become a good fit for teaching Mathematics. I possess confidence in myself as a good teacher. I’m very patient and can teach any type... See more

  • education University of Miami
  • location Los Angeles
  • subject Urdu + 29 more
  • Response time in a day or more
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Abdur R.
from Cambridge

I recently finished my Bachelors at Harvard (Class of 2019) in Computer Science (honors) and Economics and will start work as a Strategy Consultant in New York in October. I strongly believe in giving back and sharing my knowledge and have

  • education Harvard University
  • location Los Angeles
  • subject Urdu + 59 more
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Currently, I am working on Dissertation at Walden University as a PhD candidate in good standing. I earned my masters' in Business at Keller Graduate School of Management, and my Bachelor's in Law/Justice at Rowan University.
... See more

  • education Walden University
  • location Los Angeles
  • subject Urdu + 44 more
tutor's photo

Highly skilled Software Engineer(Java/Big Data/Spark) with 7 years of success driving full lifecycle development of state-of-the-art software, Big Data, web-based, and enterprise level applications across multiple platforms and environments... See more

  • education Maharishi University of Manageme...
  • location Los Angeles
  • subject Urdu + 14 more

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