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If you are a fan of Silicon Valley or the movie The Big Sick, you have probably heard the name Kumail Nanjiani before. There are not a lot of people in Hollywood that are both famous and from East Asia, so a lot of people confuse where he is from and what his nationality is. Although India would be a good guess because there are more people in India than there are in Pakistan, but the correct answer is that he is from Karachi, which is the capital of Pakistan. Many people know much more about India than they do about Pakistan, as you are more likely to meet people from India than from Pakistan, so they are not aware that the two countries divide not just by borders, but by language as well. When you work with a Hindi tutor, you are going to realize that you get a lot of the Urdu language because the spoken word is actually mutually intelligible between languages, but the difference comes when you get to the written word, which is also where Urdu is going to differ most from English in terms of conventions. Those that are looking to learn the language would be best served by learning with the help of private Urdu tutors, who are trained to help you pick up the language and overcome the normal hurdles of learning Urdu as a native English speaker.

One of the areas where Urdu might differ most from English is the use of vowels in written words. If you were to take all of the vowels out of words in English, you might look like you are writing the names of cool companies in Silicon Valley, but the words would be really hard to understand. You could probably figure things out with context clues, which is a lot of what Urdu requires. You might want to have vowels to hold your hand through the words, but the same words that you say with the vowel sounds in Urdu are not going to have a corresponding vowel in the written version. That is really confusing at first with English speakers, which is why we think that it is almost impossible to learn the language on your own. The sheer fact that you are learning so many new words and have to learn a different written version will require that you have someone that can walk you through it all. Finding that right person was a pain in the past, but that is why you are coming to us and we are very good at fulfilling our part of the equation.

Overall, learning Urdu can be a great way to get yourself up to speed if you are looking to do business in Pakistan and the Middle East. Not only are you going learn the language that is used in Pakistan, not only are you learning a language that will allow you to communicate with people speaking Hindi, but also you are learning a language that you can use to understand some Arabic too. Around 25% of the Urdu vocabulary is derived from Arabic. That said, you are ahead of the game with just the Hindustani side of things. Between Hindi and Urdu, there are almost 700 million total speakers, which makes it not only one of the most prevalent languages in the world, but actually number 3 on the overall list. That is a pretty nice place to be, which is why Urdu is so sought after. Looking for Urdu tutors near me that can help you get to the point where you too can speak two of the top three most common languages in the world. All you have to do is learn Chinese to have the top three and Spanish to have the top four.


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One of the things that we experience when it comes to any sort of private tutoring, whether it is private Urdu tutoring or anything else, is that religion might become a part of the equation. Lots of parents like tutoring because it allows you to choose the teacher, which you do not normally get to do. Instead of getting assigned someone and getting stuck with them for a semester, you can immediately request a new tutor and get someone new. What that means for our parents is that you have choice. You can find someone that is not just a great tutor, but also fits your educational preferences, which might include things other than learning styles. Some people wish to work with people that have their same religion as well, which is sometimes the case with Urdu. Many Urdu speakers are also Muslim, so there are a lot of Muslim families that look for someone that shares their faith when they are setting up a tutor.

We do not discriminate though, which is why our incredible roster of tutors features people who practice Islam, people who practice Christianity, people with no religion at all, and more. We have been hard at work for the life of the company finding a wide variety of tutors all across the country that are able to fit whatever your specific needs are, wherever you are in the United States. You can request whichever characteristics are most important to you and we will do our best to accommodate your request. Sometimes, we might push back if we think that we have a better match, but we always try to make sure that the parent and student’s preferences are heard before we get into the process of matching.

When I was looking for Urdu tutoring near me in college for my friend, I was shocked at how limited the options were in my area, but that is no longer the case with the help of Premier Tutoring. We have so many tutors that we feel confident enough to let you try two without penalty of losing your money. We just know that our team is good enough that if the first tutor does not work out, the second will definitely be a fit.


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