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Carrying the groove in the band is very important and the bass player can sometimes be seen as the leader of the band. Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Nicki Sixx of Motley Crue are a couple of bassists that took on the face of the band. The same can be said of Scott Ian from the band Anthrax. These guys all come from the community of rock bass and we are talking about hard rock (with the exception of Flea, who just rocks very hard). This is not the type of bass that we are talking about. These guys holding down the groove are either the orchestral bass players or the country bassists standing tall in the back. These are the upright bassists, not to be confused with the improv comedy company called Upright Citizens Brigade. Learning to play this instrument can come in school, but you also might choose to work with private upright bass tutors to improve on your skills.

First things first, we need to talk about the elephant in the room. If you are not sure what I am getting at, this is the cello. Now, these two instruments are in the same family. They might be called cousins. But they are not the same thing. The layman might notice that they are both gigantic violins played upright. Typically, the bass is plucked with your fingers, while the cello is played with a bow. The bass is played standing, while cello players tend to sit on a stool. That is the simple man’s explanation of the differences. In reality, the two instruments do not even have the same shape. They are both big, but they do not look alike. If there was a racist for bowed instruments, that would be you right now. They are also tuned differently, with cellos tuned in fifths as opposed to the bass in fourths. As a non-musician, this means nothing to me, but I understand what a difference looks like.

Now, the baby elephant sitting in the corner is called the double bass, which also might confuse you. This one is not going to get you shamed like you would if you mis-gendered a cello as an upright bass. If you looked at a double bass and called it an upright bass, you would be totally correct because they are the same exact thing. Usually, they call it the double bass in the orchestral community because the sound is meant to double the bass of the orchestra, but they call it upright bass in most other genres, like country, bluegrass, and folk.

Now that we have covered all of the upright bass facts, we can talk about what you are getting from upright bass tutors near me and that is a value that is hard to find elsewhere. First off, finding upright bass lessons outside of school is very difficult. We are finding those opportunities for you, so you are not wasting your time searching and vetting teachers. We also recognize the realities of the instrument. Have you looked at that thing lately? It is humongous. Lugging that big old thing around everywhere you go is killer, but these tutors come right to you. You are not going to have to find a way to stuff that bass into your car anymore. Worse would be going on public transportation with that thing. Can you imagine going on a bus or a subway train with a big thing like that? Just try doing that in the New York City subways. I am sure that would work out. Sit back and relax as your tutor comes right to you and teaches you right in your home. It is up to you whether you choose to be a generous host and offer the tutor snacks.


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Growing up, there were not a lot of people that I knew that were desperate to become bass players. When I looked at some of the great musicians that I loved growing up, they were the Dave Grohl, Julian Casablancas, Josh Homme, Brandon Flowers, Ezra Koenig, Adam Levine, Dan Auerbach types. These guys were the lead singers, often guitar players and some also top notch drummers. There were very few guys that you could look to and say, “I want to be like that bass player.” Then, you would walk into a bluegrass show and see someone really jam out and you start to see the allure. Being a part of an incredible jam is something that is worth all of the hard work of learning to play an instrument. It is a good reason to also improve your sight reading and ear training skills.

Great upright bass tutors are versatile with the instrument, knowing how to go from finger plucking to bow playing and teaching you techniques to improve on your skills. Working on your skills will require a lot of solitary practice, but tutors can help teach you ways to make practicing more fun with skills challenges and games that they have picked up in their years of tutoring. They have also picked up every story that you can think of from all of that experience, so they have seen all of your flaws and know multiple ways to target them to improve. It is something that comes in handy when you are struggling with one technique because you might be better suited for another and just need the knowledge to switch.

Upright bass tutoring near me is better than you could ever have gotten before because we have been doing to sweeping of the area for you to find all of the most compassionate and intelligent upright bass tutors around you. Our standards are rigorous because you deserve only the best. As you start working with our talented tutors, you will see your skills improve faster than anywhere else because they are the best upright bass trainers around. With our commitment to helping you find the right person, you can be sure that you get the best help.


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