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In America, we have rule about companies that make sure that they are not too big where they are able to control the market and dictate the rules in the way that they want. Those companies that get too big are called monopolies. In the world of phones, the biggest name used to be the Bell Telephone Company, named after Alexander Graham Bell, who was the inventor of the telephone. When his company grew too large, it eventually evolved into the American Telephone and Telegraph Company, which is better known today as AT&T. In the 1970s, the Bell company was looking to create a proprietary operating system that would be used in their Bell system to run the telephone services in Canada and the US. That operating system was the original version of Unix, which would later become an operating system maintained by AT&T that they would begin licensing to outside parties in the late 70s. Unix became an operating system used academically and commercially through places like University of California, Berkeley, Sun Microsystems, IBM, Microsoft, and more. AT&T sold off the Unix business in the 90s, but it has stuck around a while, to the point that people are still looking for private Unix tutors all the time to help them learn the ins and outs of the system and really get things good.

Admittedly, most individual users are not looking to learn Unix for their own sake. You are not really going to develop with Unix unless you are working for a big corporation, but the other area where Unix has grown significantly is in the financial space. More and more, finance firms are looking less at the business and finance majors that are focusing on that side and looking for math and computer science people who they can mold for their specific purpose. It makes a lot of sense when you think about it a little bit. For example, someone that has strictly gone through finance thinks in the way that finance people think. When you are looking for a solution, you are likely bringing the same ideas to the table as the other people that know finance. Even the best finance people are going to see overlap with others. In terms of computer science folks, your approach to problem solving is likely going to be different than some of your peers. You might think of something in a way that they never would, which is where Unix comes in. Developing your own software and systems to manage financial data in a proprietary way is what separates the hedge funds that make billions from the ones that are most prone to a crash.

When searching for Unix tutors near me, you are going to find a wealth of resources from us that can help you program on the platform. Whether you are looking to use Unix for finance or any other kind of development, you are going to want someone that is competent enough to pass on their skills and our tutors are the best in the game at doing it.


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Finding the right person to teach you how to use a new operating system takes time even when you are teaching someone about the normal ones we use (which are OSX and Windows). OSX is actually based in Unix, but the form that we see has been programmed to a way that you are not seeing the Unix underneath unless you know what you are looking for. Those are typically very simple to learn because they were designed in a way that everyone should be able to use it, whether it is a tech savvy kid who knows their way around a computer or an older adult, who is not as competent with the advanced uses of a computer. The difference with Unix is that it was always meant as a convenient way for programmers to develop software, but the baseline needed to get to a programmer’s competence is not that easy to get to, which is why lots of people seek out private Unix tutoring. Getting to a programmer’s level of competence might also mean that you need to learn a programming language, so you might want to consider getting a C++ tutor as well or something along those lines.

When you want to start learning Unix, you should first think about what you want to use it for. What we have found through our experience matching students with tutors is that we are able to find long lasting tutors that you will develop a nice relationship when we know more about you. The reason is because we take the time to get to know our students before we do the matching. One of the parents that signed their child up recently asked us why we add that step in because it takes a bit of extra time in the process. We agree that it might seem a little much in the short term, but the results on the back end are such that you will agree that it is almost necessary to do and the companies that do not are missing out big time. Here is the problem. When you rush into a match, you are generally going off of what works for other people. Maybe you are basic and conform to others, but most people have their own quirks and idiosyncrasies that make each tutoring relationship unique and special. That is how most people want their relationship to work. If someone can shape the teaching style directly to you, that is the best case scenario. In my opinion, that is the single most returnable value that you can get for the investment you are putting into tutoring. You come to someone for personal attention because you want to know that your student is special and not just one of the class. When you are thinking about Unix tutoring near me, make Premier Tutoring your number one choice and sign up with us as soon as possible.


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