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Jamaican-born, Marcus Garvey had a heavy influence on American culture and in particular on people of color. The leader of the Pan-Africanism Movement and a proud black nationalist, Garvey preached the importance of people knowing about their history. “A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.” Garvey knew how important it was for us to know where we have been so that we can better understand where we are going. This is vital for people of all races, creeds, sexual orientations, and religious backgrounds.

Our history does not define us, but ignorance about our past can absolutely define who we become in the future. Although you might hate your sophomore year high school US History course, you need this knowledge. Right now, everything is probably going in one ear and out of the other which is problematic but you do not care. All you want to do is play sports and hang out with your friends, you do not care about a bunch of dead people. But without these people, you would not be able to do the things that you want to do in life right now. This is not only a sign of respect, but it will help you turn into a better person overall.

Your current teacher might not be doing a great job of keeping you engaged. They do not feel that is their job, all they want to do is get you the information. What you do with it is ultimately up to you. At Premier Tutoring we think that quite a bit more involvement is required to keep the attention of a high school student, or any student for that matter. This is why we take down your preferences in a tutor before we get you matched with one of our private U.S. History tutors. Commitment is one of the main keys in your success in this class and just about every other. Commitment on the side of you and the tutor. Just like in any relationship, this is entirely two-sided. It takes time and hard work from both you and your tutor.

If one of you is slacking off then it will show in the results. We have our side covered, the rest is up to you. Your tutor will do everything in their power to make sure you are having fun while you are learning about the history of this country. History can be fun, just take Hollywood for example. Some of the greatest films of all time are historical pieces based on characters who have existed in real life.

Movies such as Lincoln, Malcolm X, Fargo, Ray, and Capote all did fantastic in the box office, were nominated for Oscars and were based on U.S. historical figures. The fun is there, we will bring it to the table. If you indulge and open your mind with your private U.S. History tutoring sessions, you will start to gain the necessary knowledge and do better in your class. And when you're done, move on to European History tutoring.


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Sometimes the best accounts of history are captured by authors living during the time. They give their outlook on what is going on around them and the authenticity is pungent. You can feel it in the words and it comes across with each and every page. This is what creates great literature and why several individuals believe that the two are correlated. If you dislike reading, then chances are you are going to hate your U.S. History class.

This is especially true while you are in college taking a class like this, the reading can feel like you are drowning in words. But you can swim to safety by getting the help of “U.S. history tutors near me.” Premier Tutoring has reading and comprehension tutors who are scattered across all experience levels which means that we can help you out with whatever class you might find yourself in. A child in a fourth grade U.S. History class is going to have an entirely different set of issues than a student in an A.P. U.S. History course. This is why we have history tutors who cover both of these classes and every other one in between or beyond.

It might feel like this class is trying to bully you and take you down, but you have to keep fighting. Keep your guard up and do not let things bother you too much. This is just one of several challenges that you will have to overcome. During World War II, all of the odds were against the allies when we stormed D-Day. But if it were not for this battle then we would have never won the war and Nazism would have taken over the world. There are several stories like these within U.S. History where we were facing insurmountable odds but we fought our way to a victory.

This is the same mentality that you must possess when you are in this class or any other. Now you are having to write essays in your history class which is no fun at all. No worries, we have essay writing tutors who have a few tricks up their sleeve to help make the research process go a bit smoother. When things feel like they are as disastrous as the Bay of Pigs you have to pull out all the guns. Each and every one of our tutors has been working in this industry for several years and they are the reinforcements that you are searching for while in this time of need.

All you have to do is call up our team of reps and let them know what it is you need out of a tutor. We will get you matched with a prototypical professional who is going to be there to challenge you and push you toward greatness. You do not need to be coddled, that is not going to get you your results. But if you do want a tutor who is a bit more lenient, we can get you one with no questions asked.

Finding “U.S. history tutoring near me” is going to be a monumental moment for you that can mirror the American Revolution. You will also be on your own terrain as the tutor is going to come to your doorstep and make sure you are in your comfort zone. Call us up and rewrite your history with Premier Tutoring.


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