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Turkish Tutoring

I recently went on a trip with someone from Turkey and it was really interesting to learn some things about her culture. One of the things that I already knew was that there is a long, standing feud between Turkey and Greece, as I learned in the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding. If you are going to learn from a Greek tutor, make sure that you are not bringing up how much you love Turkey, even if it is close to Thanksgiving time. Probably best to avoid that geopolitical minefield. Another thing that I learned, which is something that you can pick up from private Turkish tutors, is that the sounds in Turkish are not always similar to those in English. I met a Turkish person named Ceylan and it was hilarious to see how people tried to pronounce it. Some of the people I was with had communicated with her before over text and e-mail, so they had only read her name, never pronounced it. They looked at those letters and tried pronouncing it in English, but there is not really a good way of pronouncing it because “cey” does not come up much in English words. Most of them would try to pronounce it like “see,” but that was pretty far off from the actual pronunciation. Instead, the name is pronounced more like “jay-lahn” or “chay-lahn,” which is a factor of the differences in languages.

Although the pronunciation is going to get you in the early stages of learning Turkish, you might actually find that the alphabet is simplest as an American. There are 29 letters in the Turkish alphabet, which, like ours, is derived from Latin. There are some letters that we have and they do not, but the letters that they have that we do not are variations of ours that include accent marks or other sound-changing marks. When we talk about languages, a lot of times, we will look at a family of languages because the languages in a certain region have lots of similarities and can be rooted in the same things. For example, the Romance languages include Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, and Romanian. These are not the languages that will help you woo someone, but instead the languages that are derived from the old Latin that was used in Rome. That is why this is a capitalized Romance and not the lowercase romance. In the case of Turkish, the family that it falls under is called Turkic languages. You might be able to figure out where that comes from, but you probably will not guess the other languages in the same family. Turkic languages are spoken by about 200 million people worldwide and include people from the rest of Eastern Europe, the Mediterranean, Siberia, and Western and Northern China. Some other languages in the family include Azerbaijani, Turkmen, Uzbek, and Kazakh. So if you are friends with Borat and want to speak in his language, you are probably not too far off from Turkish.

There is a dessert known as Turkish Delight, which is a gel made from starch and sugar that can also have solids inside, such as chopped dates, hazelnuts, walnuts, or pistachios. These date back to the 1700s in Turkey, although they are not that popular in the United States. That said, they are actually the precursor to something that is very popular in the United States, which is the jelly bean. Turkish Delights are like jelly beans without the hard shell. What you are more likely to call a Turkish Delight in the United States is the experience that you have with Turkish tutors near me. These professionals that we have found throughout the country are the best that there are when it comes to teaching you the language and making sure that it sticks long enough for you to use it someday.


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With the way that people talk about politics and immigration these days, you would think that Islam only came into the country recently and that is far from the case. Instead, it actually came to the US at least as early as back in the late 1500s, when Sir Francis Drake brought at least 200 Turkish Muslims, the Turks and the Moors, to Roanoke in North Carolina. This was the early run, but there was a much larger Turkish migration throughout the 19th century, as many Turkish immigrants came to the US to escape the Ottoman Empire. This group was not as heavily Muslim, but included other oppressed people in Turkey, including Jews. According to some, Turks were afraid they would not be accepted in what they thought was a Christian country, so many changed their names to Christian names at the port of entry to help gain acceptance. Since then, Rhode Island, Maine, and New York have been other main entry points for Turkish people. As such, you can expect the east coast to feature the most Turkish populated cities and that is absolutely the case. If you are looking for private Turkish tutoring in New York, you are in luck, as there are many cities in New York (and New Jersey for that matter) that have a nice Turkish community. We look to those places like Islandia, Goldens Bridge, Point Lookout, Bellerose Terrace, Herricks, or others when we are hunting down more Turkish tutors in the state.

If you are looking for Turkish tutoring near me and are not in the New York area, you are still in luck because we are looking even harder in other areas to make sure that we have full coverage for Turkish tutoring. Our goal is to make sure that everyone has access to tutoring and that does not just come in the form of linking people up online, even if that would be easier. We want to make sure that all people have the opportunity to find a person that will meet with them to teach them the language. It might not seem like much, but we think it helps you out in the end.


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