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Trumpet Tutoring

The trumpet is an instrument that has a beautifully intricate history. Some of the greatest musicians of all time have blown into this horn and created sounds for all of us to enjoy. Louis Armstrong, Miles Davis, Dizzy Gillespie, and Buddy Bolden are just a few of the legendary names. Our private trumpet tutors can introduce you to even more names and styles of trumpet playing. However, of those listed Buddy Bolden is probably the name that you are least familiar with knowing. This should not be the case as he is one of the main reasons that jazz became what it is today. Known as one of the first jazz legends he was one of the original pioneers of the New Orleans style of music that is so popular. The man is a mystery but there are some things that are known about this enigmatic character.

He was born in New Orleans in 1899 on September 6. He started off working as a barber but the infectious sounds of music in the New Orleans air soon took over his spirit. He first bought an accordion before he made the switch to cornet when just found one on the side of the road. A cornet is “a brass instrument resembling a trumpet but shorter and wider, played chiefly in bands.” Your music tutor will be able to break down this instrument as well as several others that you can potentially play as you get deeper into the world of music. Unlike most of his peers, Bolden had no idea of how to read music but that did not hold him back in any way. By the late 1890s, he was in charge of the most popular band in all of New Orleans.

This is just one of several interesting stories that you will learn about your instrument and the brass section in general. In order to master the trumpet you need to really study all there is to know about the instrument. This goes further than just playing or reading music. Although these are necessary skills, you always want to know about those who came before you. This way you can pay your respects and avoid the mistakes that they made with their music. If music composition is on your horizon, then the trumpet is a great start. You are going to have to learn several instruments, why not start with the trumpet?

It has a unique sound and it is one of the hardest instruments to play in any band. Once you are able to play this instrument then it will not be so hard to learn the others. Although, it will not be easy but it will not be as challenging as someone who is picking up the instrument with no knowledge at all. If you are someone who falls into this category you might not think that “trumpet tutoring near me” is an option. But it is the best option for you to actually learn how to play the trumpet. A group setting is not going to do you justice, you must sit down with one of our professional musicians and really pick apart what you need to do to learn how to play the trumpet. Learn good habits from the start so you do not have to deal with bad habits as you play more complex songs.


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Trumpet tutors are not hard to find, but finding ones who can actually teach you how to play is not easy. There are several individuals who act as if they have the chops when it comes to teaching but they absolutely do not. You would be surprised at what people are willing to do in order to make a few extra bucks, it really is sad. At Premier Tutoring when you get private trumpet tutoring you will be in a session with someone who knows how to teach. Just because you can blow into the trumpet does not mean that you can teach someone else how to do it as well. Learning how to teach properly takes just as much, if not more time than it does to actually learn how to play an instrument.

Having said that, you do not have to worry about finding a tutor, we have done the search for you. Our tutors are ultimate professionals and they have been working in the industry for several years. We had a student who wanted to work with a trumpet player who was currently active in the music industry. The particular student wanted to work as a studio musician and was having issues finding musicians who actually held this title. Well, they came to the right place and we got them matched with a music tutor who was able to teach them the ropes. The tutor focused on different styles that the student needed to learn in order to hold the job.

Also during sessions, the tutor would tell the student what they needed to be doing outside of rehearsals to better themselves and prepare to work in the industry. This is exactly what the student needed and they used the tricks they learned in regards to playing the trumpet and the other pointers the tutor handed out in order to get a job. For some clients, they just want to work with a trumpet player who can teach them the fundamentals. Sometimes musicians are so far along that they forget the basics because they are second nature when it comes to the teaching they just get frustrated at the student.

We had one client who constantly was getting berated by their tutor and they were almost completely turned off from the instrument. Luckily, one of our instructors who specialize in working with beginners was able to come through and change the student’s outlook on the trumpet. If you fall on the spectrum we can help you, all you need to do is let us know what is bothering you on your quest to learn the trumpet. We will get you matched faster than you can make a note blast from your instrument. “Trumpet tutors near me” can help you achieve your musical goals once and for all.


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