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Trombone Tutoring

When you look online for things about the trombone, you are going to get a bunch of jokes and jamokes with no sense about what they are talking about. The instrument can seem fairly goofy at times. Most of the other instruments in the brass section are manipulated by covering air holes or pressing buttons to change the sounds you hear, but the trombone is different from them all with the long slide that must be moved to change the sound. One might look at the unnecessary extra physical requirements as a reason not to play the instrument, but it makes a sound that is unique just to the instrument, so you can’t just replace it with a trumpet and expect to get away with it sonically. Playing the trombone might not be for you and that is okay. The instrument is fairly long, so short people and people with short arms do not like to play such a bulky instrument. That is alright. You can go for something dainty like a violin. Do you. But for the strong and smooth that want to get control of the slide and blast the sounds of the trombone, you are going to want private trombone tutors to help you get the skills to make first chair in the band.

In the grand scheme of things, the physical playing of the trombone is fairly limited, which means learning the instrument is not that hard to do. Reaching virtuoso levels is another story, but getting the basics to the point that you are able to play simple songs is not going to take that long. With your tutor, you might start out without even using the instrument at all. Knowing how to read music and music theory can be as helpful to you as playing the instrument itself. You can have versatile skills when you understand how music works. You might also practice breathing before you pick up the instrument itself. The guitar makes noise from the vibrations of the strings, but you make noise on brass instruments by passing air through the instrument and that means that you need to learn how to blow hard and precisely. Trombones can also be modulated by the way that you blow into the mouthpiece, which means that there are a lot of things to work on with just your mouth and breath control before you ever make a sound. Getting to the instrument, the first things to know before you are able to use it are assembling the instrument and maintaining it as well. You want to make sure that nothing you do will hurt the instrument, so make sure you know how to properly care for what will become your partner in crime. Only then can you get to actual playing.

Once you get the instrument in your hands, it is about knowing how to position it on your shoulder, correct posture, and the other movement based lessons to make sure you are comfortable while playing. Getting the sliding down is another process, one which might be the most important, so you are going to want to put a lot of focus into that. Trombone tutors near me are great at helping to make sure that you are always in the right position. With an instrument so big and heavy, you are probably going to feel some shoulder fatigue at the start and while it is something that you will likely need to work through and develop over time, you can learn ways to alleviate the pain from a tutor. They are going to help make sure that you are able to focus on learning the instrument and that is important for you. Getting rid of distractions is something that we tend to struggle with, but tutors are a great way to get the necessary focus. They are the blinders on the track that let you focus on running and not the other people out there.


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When we say that our private trombone tutoring blows, we mean that in a good way, we are always finding new tutors who are the best at what they do. Music tutors are great because you can take control of the type of music that you want to play. I played guitar in high school and blew off class because the teacher just wanted to play Scarborough Fair and other lame songs. There are tons of genres of music and learning through the lens that is most interesting to you will help make you want to practice more and get good. For instance, the trombone can be an instrument playing big band music or classical, but you might also use the trombone for ska. That is a form that is not quite traditional, but learning the ska basics to get in might be your entry point, even if it is not the same for others. Your preferences come into account when you hire a tutor because we work with you to find out what interests you and match with a tutor that fits those needs.

Every single trombone tutor that we have on our roster has been a trombone tutor for over 5 years, so you can be sure that they have seen every slide problem, every posture mistake, and every blowing issue that has come about. You are not going to be able to stump them with your issues, so let them help get rid of them for you. Trombone tutoring near me will help you become the leader of the band thanks to others seeing the high level that you perform. A lot of people think that the hierarchy of musicians is set in stone and that drummer always come behind singers and lead guitarists, but the truth is that the best musician will come to the top. Travis Barker has no business being the face of Blink 182 based on traditions, but he still is. If you work on your trombone skills, you can be the one that is front and center.


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