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When you are coming to an English-speaking academic institution, they require that you have a certain level of language skills in English to make sure that you are able to keep up in class. Look at it this way. If you are teaching, you are wasting time if you are speaking in multiple languages (except if you are a language teacher, but do not try to get smart with me here). You have to stick to a standard language because that is something that should never be a problem. Understanding the teacher should be as vital and unnoticed as breathing is. You need it, but you do not have to actively breathe. Teaching needs to be at a level where everyone is getting the lessons, so students must be up to a certain standard if they are going to make it. That is something that was hard to measure in the past, but a standardized test was created with the goal of comparing students and deciding whether they qualify to come to English-speaking institutions, whether they are in America, England, Australia, Canada or any other place where English is the primary language. In fact, there were multiple tests created. The IELTS test is also something out there, but you can get a tutor for that on our IELTS tutors page. We are here to talk about the TOEFL and why you need private TOEFL tutors to help you pass the test. We are here to help.

First off, the TOEFL is the Test of English as a Foreign Language, which is actually a pretty apt title for the test. It really tells you exactly what you need to know right in the name. The test is administered in either an internet format or paper format if you are not able to get to a place with good internet. There used to be a computer format, but that was replaced by the internet format. Common sense would indicate that the internet format would thus be available from anywhere, but common sense is not in the building here. You might cheat if you are not supervised, which is a valid concern, and, as such, you take the internet-based test at a testing center. It works the same way as any other test where you are going to sign up in advance and then go on a testing day. Luckily, there are over 50 testing dates per year and you can take the test every 12 days, so you are in luck. Annually, almost 2.3 million people take the test, which means we have a lot of people to help get great scores.

Speaking of scores, you will get a score from 0 to 30 on each of the 4 sections of the test. The test consists of a Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing section. Unlike all the other tests that people take, you are not forced to do any math or quantitative sections. This is all about your ability to understand English and use it properly.

TOEFL is just one factor in your college admissions process and it can seem like the biggest hassle. While everyone else has to take the SAT, get good grades, do extracurricular activities, and more, you have to do all of that and take the TOEFL on top. That might seem unfair, but you can get through it like it is just breathing when you work with TOEFL tutors near me. They will help you pass the test by teaching you the format and making you an expert on the structure. Their test-taking strategies will help you finish the test with time to spare and be confident that you got the answers right.


Who we hire?


There are so many people learning English around the world and they all come from places with unique languages. Although we are just an America-based company, the test is administered in over 4500 test centers in 165 countries across the world. When you are looking for private TOEFL tutoring, the first thing that you are going to ask for is someone that speaks your native language. The reality is that you should be able to work with any English-speaking tutor because the hope is that you are good enough that you are close to passing the test, but having someone that speaks your language will save a lot of time explaining and allow you to move more efficiently through tutoring sessions. Most students seem to like that they are working with someone that speaks their language because you can also pick up on some of the common mistakes that people who speak your language make. The grammar changes can be something that they can empathize with and spot before you make the mistakes.

What this all means is that the task is pretty tough for us. Finding people all across the country that speak your language and tutor this specific test is narrowing the field to a pretty tight group. The good thing for you is that we are hunting down those people one by one and adding them to our massive roster of tutors. We highly encourage that our IELTS tutors and TOEFL tutors learn the opposite tests because it makes them very versatile when it comes to us matching them with students. That skillset is pretty easy to pick up when you are an expert on one test, which is why we think it an easy add.

That means that you are getting people that are experts on the test and can take you through all of the tricks. There is always a bit of a game when it comes to standardized testing because the tests are made by man and man is not perfect. Finding ways to game the test is the secret meta game that we all play to get a leg up. Our TOEFL tutoring near me is designed to help you spot the patterns and clues buried within the test that give away the answers. We just want to help you pass.


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