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In high school, joining the theatre troupe is something that can seem a little artsy and pretentious. If you have a mind for some of the difficult things that you learn in school, playing make-believe might seem like a waste of time. But I have found that people who cut their teeth in theatre gain the same teamwork skills that you might get in any sport and they also gain a lot more in terms of social skills. One thing that you do not get from math class is an understanding of the human condition and how to best interact with each other. You are also not learning to tap into your emotions and building an emotional intelligence to get through personal issues on your own. If you are self-conscious about acting in front of your peers, private theatre tutors are a great resource to work on your skills outside of the pressure of your peers.

One of the reasons that I finally decided to start performing after all of my high school and college years were over was because it was a great way to meet people. I moved to a new city and was already pretty shy, so I was looking for ways to get out of my shell, open up more, and meet new people in the process. We all came into it with different goals in mind, which was an eye-opening experience. I was looking at things through a very narrow lens, but the different perspectives helped me see things differently than ever before.

I learned a lot about being more respectful while performing. Especially in improvisational settings, you want to get your voice in there, but it is just as important that you do not become the obnoxious person that is always cutting people off. It is great to be heard when you have something to say, but overdoing it just annoys your peers. I have the tendency to get into long-winded soliloquies, which can be good for theatre, but are not the standard, as they are not very regular in life. Getting into the collaborative art of performing, I had to make sure that I was not stepping on anyone’s toes.

Becoming a better actor also makes you a better listener. I also have the tendency to go on tangents. Sometimes, taking a concept from A to C is interesting and branches the conversation in a new direction, but other times it is a nuisance to have someone that is not able to follow along with the natural flow of conversation. If we are talking about pet mice and you start talking about your love of Of Mice and Men, it shows that you do not care much about the people you are trying to converse with.

If you are looking to improve your connection with the material, you might try working with literature tutors to help you work on your craft. Sometimes, the best way to understand character is to expose yourself to as many different types of characters as you can. This way, you can start to see how their individuality comes out and use those lessons to write your own deep characters. Whether you are looking to be an actor or you just want to improve your communication skills and try to be a little more extroverted, theatre tutors near me are a great way to get better at interacting with your peers. I have found that it has done a lot to make me a much more open, expressive, and enjoyable person to be around.


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There are a lot of people who fail in their acting dreams, which is why there are so many great options for private theatre tutoring! In Los Angeles, there are more theatre tutors than anywhere else in the country. Improvisation is a really hot field in LA, but it pays next to nothing, so a lot of the best comedic improvisers in the area also tutor on the side to make enough cash to keep their dreams alive. These people are not always the best performers, but they have the analytical eye to judge you and know enough about what to do right that they can put you on the right track.

The thing that I have noticed most in theatre tutoring is that the quality of the actor is almost inversely related to their ability to teach and tutor. The example that I go to, and I will leave out his name for privacy sake, is a well-known comedian that has made his rounds as a guest star in all the sitcoms and a wacky best friend in a couple of major movies. He is completely unique and distinct as an actor, having found his voice and signature look in his adult life that has carried him to great success. Meanwhile, an acting friend of mine told me about his time learning from this actor in New York. He said that every class when one of the performers struggled with a scene and needed guidance, the actor would jump in with a very specific example that he would perform to put the person on the right track. My friend said that these examples were usually so good that it was hard to come up with anything close. People got dejected because it seemed like the teacher was able to go 100 miles per hour like it was nothing, not realizing that he was one of us, wide-eyed students, just a decade before.

Great teachers and tutors in theatre are ones that can connect with students in a way that makes the scenes feel more natural. You want to make it feel like these are not even lines like you are just coming up with it off the top of your head. Instead of playing a character, a good tutor helps you become a character. You embody everything about them, from their mannerisms to their mindset.

We want great tutors, so we are looking all over for people that have spent a lot of time involved with theatre and have a knack for passing skills along. If this sounds like you, search for theatre tutoring near me and sign up to join our team.


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