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Thailand is not just a place where you can get delicious food, it is also home of one of the most fun languages to learn. There is a misconception about Thailand because of a lot of film representations that like to portray it as depraved. In The Hangover Part 2, the boys go to Thailand and get knocked out in Bangkok. There are some crude jokes made that the writer would probably want to take back today, but it also fomented an image of Thailand as a dangerous and depraved place, which it is not. One of the only places where you truly see people respecting the culture of Thailand is in the food, which is almost as popular as Chinese food. There are a lot of similarities, but Thai food has some different styles and flavors that a lot of Americans enjoy. When you go into the Thai restaurant and order your food, you could show off with your skills speaking Thai. To get there, you just need to hire private Thai tutors to help you master the language.

Starting out, a lot of people are worried about the alphabet because the letters look nothing like ours. It seems like hieroglyphics when you have no perspective on the language. It can seem pretty daunting, but when you think about it, they probably think that it is pretty daunting to learn our alphabet of strange shapes. When you take the time to learn the Thai alphabet, you will realize that it is not really that hard at all. That said, you are going to realize pretty quickly that the big difference is the number of letters that you need to learn, which is actually nearly twice what you see in English. It takes a little time to get through it all, but the letters are used exactly as they sound, which means that learning words is not going to also require much pronunciation. In English, there are words like “though” and “thought,” which are not that easy when you use the usual rules for those letters. Thai letters are what they are. One might be a silent sound, but that is easily incorporated when you understand that is the function of that letter. With a Chinese tutor, you do not even get to learn a simple alphabet and Japanese has two alphabets plus Kanji, so Thai is definitely one of the easier Asian languages.

In terms of grammar, you will be happy to hear that there are way fewer rules than English. A lot of people make degrading jokes about Thai people that come to America and speak English with an accent or in their early English learning because the grammar is hard to pick up. It sounds funny to our ears because we expect something different. In the reverse of English speakers learning Thai, the grammar comes easy.

The area where you might struggle is in the tones of Thai, which are very important and very different than what most people are used to. There are a lot of different tones and diphthongs that are foreign to American ears, which is why you should be searching for Thai tutors near me. When you find the right person, you will work with them on exercises to make sure that you are saying things correctly. The instant feedback will help you because you can adjust as much as you want until it is right. One of our students came to us with the feedback that he loved how our tutors were able to work with him on his Thai until he got it exactly the way he needed it. He went to Thailand and came back with a ton of friends that he never would have made without the language.


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The right person to teach you Thai is out there, but you just might have to do a little work to get there. We will make sure that finding the best person is as simple as it could possibly be. That means that we are doing the hiring for you. In the case of private Thai tutoring, what does that really mean? To start, we are doing all of the locating. Every day, students or no, we have a team that spends the entire time working to find tutors and expand our network. We create a mutually beneficial deal for them because we offer the access to a wide array of students and they are able to provide tutoring services to our students. We get calls all the time from people looking to learn Thai, so our team works extra hard to make sure that not only do we have tutors, but your area will be covered. If you need a tutor, we can be there for you.

Three years ago, we got a call from someone in Plano, Texas that was desperate to learn Thai, but could not find a single person in her area that would teach it We searched far and wide and found that we could not find someone either. That made us think. When it comes to serving our clients, we try to make sure that we offer the best service, but that was not the case here. We could not offer the in person tutoring that we normally guarantee. That got us thinking. We started calling around to neighboring towns and actually found some options that would have driven out, but our client was not so sure about it. Instead, she decided that she was okay with using someone online, which opened up a lot of options for us. We were able to match her with the best tutor we had because there were no more boundaries.

When you are looking for Thai tutoring near me, the boundaries are lifting thanks to us. We will make sure that you are good enough for any setting. Like our student that went to Thailand with all of the necessary skills, you too could seem like a local in Bangkok.


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