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Tax Preparation Tutoring

For the simple goal of collecting money from the citizenry to fund public goods and services, taxes should be as straight-forward as possible, but the whole thing is made more complicated by all of the different features that separate our tax system from a simple, per-head tax. We have different tax processes for individuals as opposed to businesses, employees as opposed to independent contractors, and single as opposed to married with children. All of the things that make you a unique little snowflake are also the reasons why doing your taxes is a complicated mess. I did my taxes on my own for the first time this year and I was terrified that I did something wrong. That is just one reason why you should hire private tax preparation tutors.

Once you get to a certain level of wealth it is worth it just to pay an accountant to do things for you. They are the experts, so they are the ones that know best how to make sure that you are maximizing your return and doing everything correctly. That second part is the thing that I worried about most when I did my taxes on my own. I was lucky enough that my parents tossed my taxes in with theirs for the past few years, but I did it on my own for the first time and everything seemed twice as foreign to me, made more embarrassing by the fact that I had spent so much time relying on others that I was way too old to be this confused. Doing your taxes on your own is like taking a pass/fail test that you have never studied for. You have a fixed amount of time, but it is such a large window that it is essentially unlimited time. You have all of the resources to check your work if you choose to.

For my first time doing my own taxes, I used a web-based tax software that was free to use for some users (or cost just a little for those with specialized needs like mine). It asks you every question that you need to answer for your taxes and does so in a way that is very simple to navigate. By the time you have filled in all of their blanks, they populate your tax forms like MadLibs and let you submit electronically right from their system. It is all very easy and does not require a discrete math tutor just to get things done.

That said, it is not a perfect system. You can pay extra to talk to a professional, but it is not the same as having someone there with you in person to walk you through at your own pace. The thing to know about tutors is that they serve whatever purpose you are looking for them to serve. A great way to use the services of tax preparation tutors near me is to use them for one tax season with the intent of using that knowledge for future tax seasons. The great thing about using the online help was that I was done with my taxes in a hurry and there were some guarantees about checking for all possible rebates that I did not know much about. The bad thing is that I know nothing about tax forms and could not repeat the process again without the help of the software. Next year, when I have to do my taxes again, I am going to have to go right back to the program to have it fill in the boxes for me once again.

If you see tax preparation tutors as short-term teachers, you can get a lot more out of the opportunity. Instead of getting help that will only apply to the tax season at hand, tutoring is a good way to make sure that you are ready for every April 15th that comes next.


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What does it really take to be good at doing taxes? I was once working for a for-hire app that was based in different tasks and listed my business background from going to undergraduate business school. One of the stranger tasks I was offered was to help a woman with her taxes. She had just recently gotten divorced and was never the money person in the family. Her husband was in charge of all of their taxes in the past, so she felt overwhelmed having to do things on her own for the first time. You may recognize from the story above that I was not very versed in doing taxes myself, so you might ask what kind of lies I told to get this position, but I was actually completely upfront with my ability. What I was able to bring to the table, which is what she was happy she ended up receiving, was a combination of simple math skills, a calm demeanor, and the patience to work through problems that arose and offer potential solutions. I was not going to be responsible for any of her finances, as that would be highly irresponsible, but I was able to help her through.

Great private tax preparation tutoring should offer more expertise than what I was able to give her, but it should represent the same stability that she sought from me. It does not have to be that you are doing the taxes for someone, as there are plenty of services that can do so much better than you. Your focus needs to be on making sure that this process is not making people tear their hair out because tax season is stressful enough as it is.

This year, I procrastinated more than ever on my taxes. The deal is that you need to submit electronically or mail it so that it is postmarked April 15th, which is what let me wait all the way until April 12th to send mine in. Meanwhile, others had sent in their taxes and spent their returns months before. For one, I kept forgetting that I needed to do my taxes among all of the other things that I had to do. Work is hard enough just to make the money, but taxes are an extra assignment that you do not even get paid for. What a ripoff. For another, I was just afraid of the process. Having never done my own taxes, it all seemed so complex and mysterious that I was avoiding it altogether. Eventually, I had to suck it up and just do it.

With tax preparation tutoring near me, you can get rid of the fear you might associate with doing taxes. Once you have gone through things with an expert, you will feel empowered in the next tax season to take care of your return as soon as you can.


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