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I was recently talking to someone that picked up dance as a hobby in their twenties. As someone that has trouble coming out of their shell, it was hard to think of what it would look like if I were to try the same thing. Almost instantly, my only thought was “more power to you.” It seemed way to out there for me because nobody I knew danced and it feels much more natural as a hobby for women than men. My friend started to give me the pitch for learning tango and it started to look a little clearer, but then there was a whole other host of problems. I will get into all of that in a second. But first, you need to know that private tango tutors can be a great way to get started or get better at tango in a controlled, safe, judgement-free environment. Learning this form of dance is going to be very different than what you learn with your ballet tutor. Tango is a dance that is much more sensual.

Now, we should first look at the idea of one-on-one tutoring when it comes to tango. You have probably heard the most famous saying when it comes to tango: it takes two to tango. This is an old adage that is incredibly true. There is no such thing as a solo tango, no matter how much your friend tries to convince you. That means that you are either going to have to partner up with your tutor or you need to have someone else with you to be your partner. In the end, the important thing in finding the right dance partner is that it has to be someone that you are comfortable getting up close and personal with. The tango is a very close dance, so things are going to get a little hot and steamy. You do not want to be doing this kind of dance with the wrong person, like your mother. The right partner is important here, as it is in other aspects of life.

Another thing to think about when it comes to the classes is whether you want to be isolated or in a large group. In larger group settings, you might get to try out a variety of partners, which will help you make relationships because you are sure to get pretty close. In terms of coming out of your shell, one of these classes might be a great way to find a community of other brave souls willing to put their egos aside and dance for the fun of it. This is something that you might want to do once you get pretty good with your tutor.

The problem with tango really is that you might feel uncomfortable with all of the closeness. I am someone that values their personal space, which is something that will be invaded when you are tangoing with your partner. It takes a little getting used to, but that process of coming out of your shell and shedding your shyness can give you more confidence in social situations. You at least know you can out-dance anyone in the room.

If you are getting married, learning tango with tango tutors near me might be the best way to prepare for a fun first dance. You might even do it with your partner just as a way to have a little fun, get closer to each other, and deepen your bond. Learning to tango can have a lot of benefits and you should really try it out if you have never done it before.


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Let us throw all of the traditional requirements for being a tutor out of the window for a minute. If there is one thing that tango is known for, it is passion and that is basically the core of what we look for in tutors. There is an unexplainable energy at times that we are looking for out of tango tutors that is absolutely necessary. I can’t even imagine what it would look like to have a low energy dance teacher. It just feels antithetical to the position. You are someone that has so much energy flowing through their body that it has to come out in the form of dance, so it should be easy to transfer that same energy to your private tango tutoring. This should not really be that difficult for you, so let us move on to some of the other things that are going to make you great as a tango tutor.

As mentioned, there are a lot of people that are not comfortable with all of the touching. Tango can be a great way to get out of your shell, but some people need a little more encouragement than others. It can be a fine line between encouraging and embarrassing, so you need to have an empathetic touch if you are an effective tutor. The smart tutors are able to make their students feel loose, so they never realize that they are doing something silly and fun. It can take a little coaxing to get out of your shell, but that is why you pay someone to encourage you to come out. I went to a dance class that helped me get out of my shell, but I was still struggling to be social. The teacher started engaging me more and it helped me open up more.

Finding great dancing tutors is different than in other subjects because dance is something that we all possess the skill to do. The real experts are able to help you learn technique in fun ways that make you forget how much energy and effort you are putting in. Suddenly, you are getting a lot more exercise than you realized and the benefits are endless. In finding the best tango tutoring near me, we need to find people that can take their raw energy and transfer it to shy people to turn them into great dancers just like yourself.


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