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I am a 15 year veteran, bilingual (in Spanish) Teacher/Tutor who is dedicated to helping students regardless of their age or ability. I have provided services for students (grades Pre K- 12 and Adults, as a College Instructor) with a variet... See more

  • education Worcester State University
  • location Los Angeles
  • subject Tango + 76 more
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Ryan Renner
from Englewood

I enjoy teaching. Aside from the work I've done in Africa and China, it is fulfilling to work with students of all ages who need to see 'Why' they're learning something, in order to 'Go' somewhere new. During times when I've been seeking ne... See more

  • education Thunderbird School of Global Man...
  • location Los Angeles
  • subject Tango + 72 more
tutor's photo
Jenny Levin
from Delray Beach

I have a BA in English with a concentration in Creative Writing, a BA in Psychology and an Interdisciplinary Honors Degree from Hunter College, CUNY. I specialize in tutoring high school, undergraduate and graduate students. I can help wit... See more

  • education Hunter College of the City Unive...
  • location Los Angeles
  • subject Tango + 20 more
tutor's photo

I am passionate about teaching and love seeing my students making breakthroughs, enjoying subjects that would have previously eluded them. I completed my education in France with 2 highly selective masters in finance and marketing as well a... See more

  • education Columbia University in the City...
  • location Los Angeles
  • subject Tango + 64 more
  • Response time in a day or more
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Rina Welch
from Marietta

Can help you out with Math, Science, English, French, Spanish and Arabic.

  • education Ohio University - Main Campus
  • location Los Angeles
  • subject Tango + 102 more
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Robert V
from Lawrence Township

Undergrad at Princeton University with a love of helping people master subjects in science, the humanities, math, and linguistics.

  • education Princeton University
  • location Los Angeles
  • subject Tango + 281 more
tutor's photo
Shawn K.
from Van Nuys

I have been tutoring for over four years and I love seeing progress in all my students. I will help you Instill interest and enthusiasm into the sciences by promoting external reflection. 100% of clients improved their scores by at least tw... See more

  • education University of Texas at Austin
  • location Los Angeles
  • subject Tango + 127 more
  • Response time in a day or more

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