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Swimming Tutoring

Swimming is one of the best ways to get a full body work out. You can develop your pectoral and Latissimus muscles, your glutes as well as your quadriceps all just from swimming a few laps. Our private swimming tutors know that this can be a great way for you to stay fit, but it can also cause you to seriously injure yourself if you do not practice it with a professional. Just throwing your kids in the water and hoping they can float might sound funny. However, this can be particularly dangerous and even fatal at times. It is important that you get your child in the water with a teacher who can focus on your child.

When I was little my parents enrolled me in swimming classes and it was hard for me to get anything done. There was only one instructor and she had to focus on multiple other kids who were in the water at the same time. I spent most of my time hanging on the wall hoping I did not drown. When my time finally came for me to swim I was so fed up with being there I barely had the energy or attitude to get anything done. After a few weeks in this chaotic class, I wanted to give up swimming altogether. This is what can happen when your child does not get the attention that they need, they can completely lose all enthusiasm toward this fun pastime.

One of our athletics tutors will make your child feel special and tended too while also pushing them. The tutor is not going to let your child have an attitude and act like a brat, but instead, they will have them acting like a young Michael Phelps. Testing your child and teaching them skills that will allow them to be a strong swimmer. This will help during family vacations when you go out into the ocean or on the lake. Your child might even discover that they want to swim as a sport or as they get older they can become a lifeguard. A lot of money can be made during the summertime for high school students who are looking to get paid while they are not in school.

It is also a fun job that allows you to sit out in the sun all day and enjoy life at the pool. Although it should be noted that you will have to pass a strenuous test that will see how good of a swimmer you are because you are there to save lives. “Swimming tutors near me” can make sure that your child is as strong a swimmer as possible so that they can take full advantage of jobs such as these. If you are older and never really got swimming lessons when you were younger, we have the services for you as well. No matter how far you want to go, we can get you the help that you need. Older individuals who usually stay away from water have typically developed aquaphobia. We can help them overcome this and start ripping through the water like a fish.


Who we hire?


Trustworthy tutors are important but even more so when it comes to swimming. You never want to trust your child in the water with someone who is not properly trained. Private swimming tutoring with Premier Tutoring is run by a professional who is certified and has been doing this for several years. You will not lose any sleep at night worrying about choosing the right tutor, we have already got them in our database. We have tutors who have worked as swimming instructors, as lifeguards, went to college to swim, are certified divers and everything else in between. So based on what you are looking for with your child, we will get them matched.

Recently we had a father who wanted to get his daughter swimming lessons. They had a pool in the backyard and she was the only one in the family who refused to get in. He had taught her other siblings how to swim, but for some reason, his daughter had an extreme fear of the pool and swimming. As the last hope, he reached out to Premier Tutoring to see if an outsider could help her out. He knew that she did not respond to being yelled at or coached, she needed a tutor who would be gentle and understanding. We had the perfect fitness tutor and we were able to get them matched in no time. It took a few sessions but eventually, the child was able to open up to the tutor and started to enjoy swimming.

She quickly went from being terrified to her father having to drag her out of the pool at the end of sessions. She loved it and started to look forward to her swimming lessons. Eventually, she started being able to swim from one side of the pool to the next without even thinking about it. Now she loves the pool and swims for her school’s team. She wants to swim for the Olympic team one day and it all started with her time with Premier Tutoring. When you call us up the conversation is not that long, we just get to the root of your problems and we get the tutor that you dreamed of and we send them your way.

We know what it takes to get our clients matched with the very best because this is what we do. Our swimming tutors will have you covered when it comes to learning the skill. Older students sometimes are embarrassed by the fact that they cannot swim yet. Because of this they avoid getting in the pool and going to classes just makes things worse. Watching a bunch of adults flail in the water is not nearly as cute as a bunch of students.

When you work with Premier Tutoring it will just be you and your tutor. You do not have to worry about being judged or accepted, all that will happen is that you will progress. It might feel like you are living in a dream when you are swimming like you always knew how it was done. “Swimming tutoring near me” is what you need if you want to actually be something in the water. Work with us right now so we can start our quick and easy process.


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