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Studying is a skill that is passed down from teachers to students. When a teacher does not take the time to help students develop their study skills then it will show on test scores. For some students, especially those in their freshman or sophomore years of high school, studying is optional. They can go to class, do the homework, read the book and be ok for the exam. But for other students, they need to develop a method of studying that will allow them to perform at high levels during their exams or quizzes.

When teachers are not passing along the right information to build strong study habits, then it will negatively affect a student’s ability to learn. This is particularly true during the junior year of high school when things begin to heat up. Methods that were once working are no longer viable to the environment that is being created. Private study skills tutoring will help give the student any information that they either ignored or were never equipped with in the first place.

All of our test preparation tutors have been in the industry for several years providing unique assistance to struggling students. But they also have at least a Bachelor’s Degree so they know the importance of establishing strong study habits early on. This is why you should look into getting your child the help that they need while they are in middle school. Elementary school is typically a time where a child is learning the very basics of learning, studying is done but it is not all that intense. That does not happen until middle school where a child starts to get challenged so that they are prepared for high school. Also, students have much more responsibility when they reach middle school.

In elementary, they were forced to walk in line to go to class or have a bathroom buddy. Now, it is up to them to get to class on time or else they will be marked tardy. These are the small things that have an impact on a student’s ability to learn and it starts with study skills. Organization is the key component to creating any plan of action for an exam or quiz. The student must lay out all of their notes and assignments that they have gone over in the past days or even weeks. If something comes up missing, then the student is going to be in trouble come exam day.

This is why study skills start before the student sits down with the materials. This happens while they are in class, and keeping track of all the things being handed out. When I was in school I always struggled with my organizational skills which directly affected by study skills. One of our private study skills tutors will put an emphasis on each and every aspect of the process to make sure that the student is getting the most out of it. Failure is not an option when you work with Premier Tutoring, we have what you need to succeed in class and in life.


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Not wanting to get help while you are having issues studying in class is a bad sign. Often it is rooted in laziness, stubbornness, and ignorance. If you do not want to be associated with any of these characteristics then you need to find “study skills tutoring near me.” Studying does not have to take you an incredible amount of time, in fact, you really should not be studying for more than an hour on one subject. What has to happen is that you space your study sessions out over a longer period of time. When you try to cram your brain in a night or so, you are not going to remember anything.

In fact, this is where the tip of the tongue phenomena often comes into play. This occurs when you are taking an exam and try to remember something that you just studied, it is on the tip of your tongue but you cannot remember the answer. Then when you turn in your exam and have finished for the day you remember the answer. That is unacceptable and why we do not believe in cramming at all. We know that students have unique brains and ways of thinking, so our tutors will teach you according to your style. That way when you walk away from each session you will be leaving with a stronger ability to study.

The best thing about working with one of our study skills tutors is that it translates to literally every class. Now, although you should not be spending several hours a night on a single subject that does not mean you should not be spending several hours in the library. You have to take more than one class while you are in school so you need to divvy up your time. You can start with math and then move your way on to science, followed by English. Whatever may work for you is what will be uncovered during your private tutoring sessions.

Sitting down in a one-on-one setting with a professional who is trained to teach and has proven study methods, is honestly unlike anything that you will ever experience. Education should not be something that bores you or feels like a burden. Learning is fun when you have the right guidance. So make sure you let us know that you want a tutor who can show you a good academic time when you call us up about “study skills tutors near me.” This is not a process that should be giving you a mental breakdown but this is one that should be uplifting.

That is what we honestly believe at HeyTutor which is why we offer services that put you in your comfort zone. We know that this is the only way that you are going to be able to reach a level of success in your class. All you have to do is reach out to our team of reps and start letting them know what it is you are looking for in a tutor. The rest will be taken care of for you with little worrying on your part. Give us a ring and we will help you start to sing songs of joy and happiness.


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