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Typically, in the field of data analysis, you are going to do a lot of regressions and that is something that you can’t do by hand. For the most part, you are going to want to find the right software that can help you analyze data sets. There are a lot of different options to analyze data, most of which vary in price. Excel is the simplest and cheapest, as you probably already have it as part of the Microsoft Office suite. There are a lot of people that do not know that you can do more in Excel than organize your data, but that might be because it is not the standard function of the software. If you are really serious about statistical manipulation, you want to use more complex software like R or Stata. A lot of people go to R because the software is free, but there is a steep learning curve that takes it away from being the ideal software choice. A lot of people turn to Stata, which is why you should hire private Stata tutors.

One of the great things about Stata is that, despite the fact that you will have to invest a little bit in getting a license for the software, you also get access to a lot of resources to learn how to use it that come with. For example, Stata has its own YouTube channel that is a great resource for new users, people that want to learn a new feature, and professors looking for new teaching aids. Those that are looking to do more with the software can find things that they never would have thought about without the guidance of the videos. They have made videos about everything, including labeling variables, merging datasets, creating scatterplots, fitting regression models, working with panel or time-series data, analyzing survival data, performing Bayesian analysis, fitting multilevel models, and using the plethora of other features in Stata.

In addition, StataCorp runs the official blog on Stata, called Not Elsewhere Classified. They post all sorts of information about new uses for Stata, information gleaned using the software, and any fun applications they have seen. Some previous posts have been about specific functions, such as exporting results into Word or Excel, programming your own estimators, or performing Monte Carlo simulations. The articles are all written by the same people that develop and support Stata, so you know that the information is intended for practical application of the software.

Stata also offers free webinar courses for beginners and experienced users to get started with the program. This way, you can watch along as professionals show you what it looks like to work with data live. For visual learners, this is a great way to get some experience. They also have a plethora of other training options, from NetCourses to web-based training to classroom training, depending on the area.

Beyond all these resources, there are also a few other written resources and periodicals that you can explore. Stata Press publishes books and manuals about using the program. You can find those at the Stata Bookstore. Stata News is a free publication, including columns, announcements, updates, and other information. The Stata Journal is a quarterly publication that also contains articles about statistics, data analysis, teaching methods, and effective use of Stata’s language.

If these options are not enough for you and you want personalized attention, search for Stata tutors near me.


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With all of the resources just mentioned above, you probably wonder why you should even consider paying all the extra money for private Stata tutoring, especially because you are already paying a good deal just to get a license for the subject. There are a lot of Stata’s resources that are not just free to use, but are also offered directly by Stata, so they are designed exactly how the developers intended. That said, you can often find that the developers are not the ones that know the customers best.

I know someone in tech consulting that is the foremost expert on a piece of software, so much so that she is constantly working with the development team to give them consumer-focused suggestions. She is constantly asked to speak at conferences about the software because she understands the practical applications better than anyone in the world. I have seen a few presentations and I am shocked at how accessible it is to me, even as someone who has no interest in this highly technical field. That is why data consultants might make the best tutors.

Developers are always doing their best to make the features of the software match the needs of consumers, but they are not always the ones with the most information about what consumers need. Consultants work with multiple clients at once, so they are able to see how companies use the software practically and where problems occur. I have often heard my friend talk about how the developers have made changes that they intend to solve a problem, but open up three or four more that they were not thinking of.

A good tutor, whether they are good Stata tutoring near me or not, is someone that has seen how people use the product and know where you might go wrong. Stata is also a company that serves a lot of different industries, so you might want a Stata tutor that works in a field that you are close to. If you are using Stata for baseball analytics, you might want to make sure you are with someone who understands what VORP, PECOTA, and BABIP are. Some people choose to work with a statistics tutor to make sure that you are on the right track.

There is a bit of a learning curve to Stata, so we want to make sure that you are getting the best person to help you through it. You want to have someone who is patient and caring, as they are going to be the best at helping you grow. If you have the qualities of a great tutor and an aptitude for Stata, join our team today.


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