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They say that everything is bigger in Texas and that gain in size is also consistent with the increase in testing that Texan students have to take that other students do not. There are state tests all around the country, but the STAAR exams are some of the most rigorous and they begin when students are only in 3rd grade. Unlike with the other standardized tests that you might be used to, the exam is not going to be one where your exact score is scrutinized. Instead of looking at your score as it relates to other individual students, you are tested more on your mastery of the topics that you are studying. You are going to receive a result that is either Advanced Academic Performance, Satisfactory, or Unsatisfactory. Advanced might help influence your placement in courses or your ability to enter higher level programs, but satisfactory is all that is necessary to move on. That said, making sure that you do not get held back due to a low STAAR score is essential to making sure you stay on the right path, so private STAAR tutors can be a great way to make sure that you are in the best position to pass the test.

The state of Texas had grown used to another state-wide standardized test that had been the standard from 2002 to 2007 called TAKS, or the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills. This test, which was developed by Pearson Education, was repealed by the state senate in spring of 2007. In 2010, the STAAR test was introduced. Before, on the TAKS exam, all of the subjects were combined into one rigorous test. The STAAR exams break things out, with each end of course test taking 4 hours, except English courses where you are given 5 hours. Students are allowed to take breaks to go to the restroom, but they are not given any extra time for those breaks. You can also get breaks for medical needs, although those are strictly supervised.

Taking all of your STAAR tests can be a huge hassle. Starting in 3rd grade, you take separate tests for Reading and Math, but you will add more exams every year. In eighth grade, you have to take a Reading exam, Math exam, Science exam, Social Studies exam, and another end of course assessment. Once you reach high school, the format changes a bit and the exams cover 12 of the courses that you are expected to take, including Algebra I and Algebra II, English I, English II, English III, biology, chemistry, physics, world geography, world history, and US history. Passing all of these tests requires a variety of different skills, which is why you are likely not going to use the same STAAR tutors near me for all of them. Instead, you might break things out based on the subject that you need.

For example, the Algebra II exam has an obvious counterpart in the Algebra II tutors that we offer. In this case, you might wonder why we even offer specific STAAR tutoring. In this case, we might try to match you with someone that specializes in both STAAR and Algebra II tutoring. If we can only get one of the two, you might want the Algebra II specifically. But, at low levels, you are going to find that our general STAAR tutors are some of the most capable people to help you prepare for the test. The test is less than a decade old, so we are all still learning it together, but our experienced team can show you the tips and tricks to go from Satisfactory to Advanced.


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Although this is not a test that determines where you go to school most of the time, it is still a test that is vitally important in the state of Texas and can get in the way of your educational journey. If you fail just one part of the test in the lower grades, it can be enough to spoil your chances of moving up in grade at the end of the year. All of the hard work that you did to get your good grade in class goes down the toilet because you failed a single test, which is a lot of pressure that students in other states do not have to deal with. That is part of the price of living in Texas, but it is also why Texas produces such smart students. Arguably, some of the best high schools in the country are in the state of Texas. If your student is going to prove their metal among that group of intelligent students, they need to work with private STAAR tutoring to make sure that they are always on course and can pass the test.

There are a lot of people calling the validity of the test into question and saying that the test is corrupt, but there is nothing that you can do in the time that it takes to make changes to the test that will help your score other than studying. The only weapon you have in this fight is your willingness to put in more work and we can help you achieve that. We look for people that are worth the investment because we know that you are putting your hard-earned dollars on the line for your children’s sake and we want you to feel like you are getting the most out of it.

When we hire STAAR tutoring near me, it is going to be the top educators, experienced in working with this specific test. We usually look for people that have spent over 5 years tutoring in the specific subject, but that is hard here because the test has only existed for 7 years. We lax our policies a little to open things up for more tutors, but we also make sure that we tighten up on who we are hiring. That experience sacrificed will never come with a sacrifice in quality and we guarantee it.


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