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If you thought that the crazy high price of tuition was the only thing that you had to worry about before getting your kid into a private school, you were sorely mistaken. Unfortunately for you, there is one more test that your kid might have to take before getting into a private school and that is the Secondary School Admission Test. It is administered by The Enrollment Management Association and is used for students starting in third grade. Can you believe that they actually start the admissions testing process for kids in third grade? A bunch of eight year old kids have to take tests like they are juniors in high school trying to get into college? It is insane. But that is the process when you are looking at certain selective, exclusive private schools. Sometimes, to get the best, you have to prove yourself first. For students from grades 3 to 11, we have private SSAT tutors available to help you ace that exam and get you into the private school that you want to go to.

When I was younger, I was ahead of the pack in my public school. I was struggling to focus on class because I always felt like I was ahead of everyone else. When other students raised their hands, it was annoying to me because they were asking questions covering things that I already knew or were so irrelevant that I just wanted to leave. It was hard for me to engage. I started working with an Algebra I tutor early to skip ahead in math classes and it got to the point where I was just moving too fast for my school to be able to handle me. I started looking into magnet programs and visiting schools where I could move at a pace in math that was more suitable to my skills. That meant taking tests and it was a lot of pressure to put on an eight year old. I barely passed the test and it was close enough where there were some worries whether I qualified. But I ended up making into the school thanks to the help of the tutoring that I got. I did not know this story at the time, but the tutor I worked with told my mother after our first session that I was “not anything special” as a student. It is funny looking back at that. Years later, I got another tutor who I liked much better. We worked hard to help push my math skills higher than high school could allow. I got a 36 on the math section of the ACT and look back at the man who said I was nothing special. Maybe he thought I should get the first 37 in ACT to be special.

Finding the right tutor is a process that is very hard and at this age, it is more important that you find the right help than at any other. This is where you are growing and you want to make sure that nothing gets in the way of that growth. Especially not some sort of exam to tell you whether you have the right to pay exorbitant tuition to get a private education. Our SSAT tutors near me are going to take the sting out of the SSAT and make sure that the student is not worrying about private school. The parents on the other hand, we might need to find you another option to ease your worries about that private school education.


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As mentioned, finding the right tutor in these age groups is very important. The younger the student, the more important it is to have a tutor who knows how to interact with that student and help foster a passion for learning. When you get private SSAT tutoring, you want to know that the student is going to pass the test and take the skills forward into their new school, succeeding there too. Although the test is for grades 3 to 11, the chances are better that you are taking it in the 3-8 range than breaking into high school in the middle. That is why working with younger students is important experience to have when tutoring for the SSAT.

I was once the tutor of a student in second grade and the process took some getting used to for both of us. I was young enough where I just did not have a lot of experience working with kids at that age. I was learning as I went and noticed the pitfalls of hiring a tutor with a lack of experience right away. The first sign that things were not working the way that I had hoped was in the second session, where the student I was working with got a similar set of problems assigned to him, but had completely forgotten everything that we had done the time before. My first instinct was to blame the student for not paying close enough attention, but it took a bit of time to mature enough to realize that I could change the way I approached things to get more out of him. I started to open up to him and he opened up back, allowing me to learn ways to reach him that I would not have known otherwise.

When we look for SSAT tutoring near me, we seek experienced professionals so that the students are not forced to wait through the tutor’s learning process. Granted, when I was a tutor, I was being paid so little that it was actually fair service for the money, but we are going to charge more because we are going to deliver more value. With that said, we are looking for tutors with at least five years of experience working with students, so we know that they are going to have and easier time relating lessons to their students faster than I did when I was starting out. When you work with Premier Tutoring, you get access to premier clients, so we seek the best of the best.


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