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Traditionally, we have relied on the eye test when it comes to baseball. That means that we look at baseball players playing and when we see good things happen, we note that in our brains or on real notepads to create evaluations. To make this more than just an eye test, an attempt at quantifying talent was created using a 20 to 80 scale that goes in increments of 10. There are five tools that a player can have, which are hitting for average, hitting for power, throwing strength, speed, and fielding ability. Each of the five tools are assessed a grade, which can be compared to other prospects or potential draft picks. In the 90s, people outside of baseball started to look at the only thing that they could, which were the extensive numbers compiled in the box scores. Although the eye test still ruled, maybe there were overlooked numbers that could help you find the undervalued competitors needed to win. Today, data analytics is not just common, it is a necessity if you want to compete in the league. We have reached the point where there are no competitive advantages to exploit until someone discovers a new one. But you might be wondering how all of these analytics are compiled. Who does this work and how? Well, in baseball and outside, there is a growing field of data science and the majority of data scientists are using programming tools like SQL to get the job done. We have seen a massive increase in the demand for private SQL tutors in the past few years because so many people are attracted to the field of data science. Not just SQL, but Python is on the rise as another language supporting this industry.

So outside of baseball, how are people using data science. Really, you should just see baseball as the example of a simple concept in motion that is sweeping all industries. Using complex data and the power of computers, we can derive insights about consumers unlike ever before. For example, you might get creeped out when you get an advertisement that seems targeted exactly for you, but that is just marketers reaching their base better than ever before. You find items that you did not ever think that you wanted. This is creepy when it comes as advertising, but there are ways in which it is used similarly and you do not even notice, even praising the results. I love to listen to music and got Spotify a few months ago. Suddenly, it feels like I unlocked all of the music that I missed out on for the last few years. I feel cool at parties because I have obscure, but awesome music. How did I improve with Spotify and where does data come in? Spotify has a thing called Discover Weekly that creates a playlist every Monday of music recommended for you based on the stuff you like. I subsequently like more new music and it learns more and more about me. The algorithms supporting it are so strong that it knew me from the first week. On Netflix, you might wonder how there is always something new to watch that you like and data is there to help. It does not work for everyone, but shows like No Good Nick or the continued support of Adam Sandler are the result of people watching and Netflix listening.

If you are going to be data science expert, SQL is a big part of that, so you should look into SQL tutors near me if you want to get better. This could make you a highly attractive candidate for a tech job and that could lead to some big bucks, so you are costing yourself if you are not at least curious and look into it.


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Not every person that wants to learn SQL is looking to be a data scientist, so we are not going to force you into private SQL tutoring designed for that purpose if that is not for you. We hire plenty of different types of tutors to help you with the context that you are looking to learn. Often, you come into programming with a plan of the types of things that you want to do and we can help set you up with someone that is right for that track via our plethora of connections to tutors all around the country. You might think that this means virtual tutoring, which might be your speed in a virtual industry, but we almost definitely have someone available near you too that can help you in home as well. We pride ourselves on our in home tutoring because it is the best environment to learn and we try to be the industry leader when it comes to in-person tutoring. So far, we have been able to deliver on that promise more often than not.

When I was younger, I was not a fan of tutors because the ones that I had were old and could not relate to me. It felt like I was just working with a teacher in my home and I did not want to be back in school in my house. That is a type of trauma that no kid should endure. Instead, you should be able to work with someone that makes the pursuit of excellence fun. Learning does not have to be a chore and exploring SQL can unlock computer science passion that you did not know you had. We encourage you to work with people that are going to unlock that potential in you, so younger and more fun tutors might be the best for you. Alternately, some students need that authority figure to keep them in check. Luckily, we get both kinds, so you are always covered. We make sure that you are getting the best SQL tutoring near me if you are calling us because we take the time with you to get tutors that fit your personal needs and learning style.


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