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What I am about to get into is a very touchy and sensitive subject. That should be the case when you are talking about private special needs tutors because they have an added responsibility toward the students that teachers of faster students do not have. We can start with the parents because that is who is responsible for making this decision. To the parents out there, we want you to know that we do not understand your struggle. I bet you assume that we would promise that we do, but the reality is that we could never know what it takes to help your child, advocate for them, keep them safe, and also prepare them to live on their own one day. That might progress on a slower timeline than others too, but to get you there, you need to make sure that you are getting the right help in school and out. Although we could never know what you go through as a parent on a daily basis, we do know some ways that we can help your child learn at a safe pace.

There are some students that are never going to comprehend enough to graduate high school, but that does not mean that you can let them have anything but the best teaching. In this case, we guarantee that you are getting nothing less than the best because your child needs a fighting chance in life. There are no concrete measures of what makes a great teacher, but special needs students are going to have to get something a little different than their peers. Instead of large classroom settings where one person teaches around 30 students, you are not going to have nearly that capacity with a special needs teacher. The students require additional attention, which necessitates having more teachers around to keep them well behaved. In the case of private tutoring, the number of people goes down to one and one, which sounds pretty easy, but it means that all of the pressure is on you as the teacher. You can’t let the student down. Whether they have ADD/ADHD, any other learning disability, or things that make students struggle in school, you want to make sure that the help for them is at the highest possible level that it can be.

When you are looking for special needs tutors near me, you are not going to find anyone that can provide you the level of service that we do. We have a team of people working constantly to build relationships with tutors and bring them into the fold, so you can pick and choose from some of the largest variety of tutors in the industry. We are able to make sure that your child gets the care and attention that they need in education, while also treating them with respect enough to properly teach them. In the end, you might only go so far, but any progress that you can make for kids with special needs is progress in the right direction.


Who we hire?


In terms of the hiring process for tutors, there is no area we are more stringent in our search than with our private special needs tutoring. In terms of our business, we rely a lot on reputation. The key to business is to have a product that people will buy and stay loyal to. That will lead to grassroots marketing and subliminal messaging when they are just using the product in public. In the case of special needs tutors, we show rather than tell. Instead of promising you things we can’t deliver, we choose to promise only on what we deliver on. In this case, we know that you are getting someone that can properly care for your child because that is what we do and we do it well.

Most parents know that any special needs child probably has an individualized learning plan, where the students’ educational structure is established as a guideline for future teaching. Tutors fall into the category of teachers in the future and you are going to have to fit in with the learning plan or face the wrath of a justifiably upset client. It is like hiring someone to work for you. There are a lot of people that come into interviews thinking about all of the things that make them great and that turns into an approach that is me, me, and more me. When you are the person doing the hiring, you are not looking for someone that is going to change the direction of what you are doing. You are expected to fall in line like a good soldier would and just do your job. In the case of special needs tutors, you are going to have to fall in line with whatever the parents throw at you. The requirements are usually not too hard for people with experience, which is bringing me to my next point.

Experience is everything here. If you are going to be one-on-one with a special needs student, your skills better be on point. At the rates that you are paying, you need to know that this is a professional and not someone that is learning to do the job while on the job. We make sure that our tutors are not just experienced, but have at least five years out in the field. You can do other kinds of supervised teaching to get to that level of experience, but nothing beats the power of repetitions. We find that you are going to learn so much about teaching in those five years that you will not make mistakes now because the stakes are just way too high. These kids deserve quality help from special needs tutoring near me because they deserve the chance to learn and live a productive life. The tutor will also know what to do in certain situations, including behavior swings or other things that normal tutors just can’t imagine. With our special needs tutors, you get the best help for your kids that money can buy.


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