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Songwriting Tutoring

Bob Dylan, Chuck Berry, John Lennon, and Smokey Robinson are just a few of the names that you think about when the word songwriting comes up. Songwriting is not a skill that we just have or do not have within us, in fact, it is something that has to be curated. Through careful practicing and hours spent honing in on the skill, great songwriters are made. With that being said, you might be struggling to write melodies as smooth as Smokey Robinson but you can be well on your way with the help of one of our private songwriting tutors.

The thing about songwriting is that it is going to take you time to develop this skill. If you just try to sit down and write a song then chances are it is not going to be as good as you hoped. Your family and friends might not have the heart to let you know that your song is lacking, but our music teachers know how to approach it delicately. Chances are, your parents are not musicians so they cannot give you actual constructive criticism. Like most people, they can either say if they liked it or not. They struggle with being objective because that is a skill that also has to be developed. Our tutors have developed this skill by working in the music industry for years and helping musicians just like yourself.

Several of our tutors have even written their own music that has gone on to be played in clubs, bars and on the radio. They have the knowledge that is going to help you to become a strong songwriter. Although some believe that you cannot go to school to become a songwriter, we definitely believe that you need a mentor. The best have spent hours in the studio watching others write songs around music before they were able to create catchy hits of their own. This is the type of help that you will get from your tutor when you work with Premier Tutoring. Instead of feeling like a classroom, this will be a creative environment where the ideas can flow.

It can be nerve-racking to sit around and just listen to peers bash your art, and it can prevent you from wanting to pursue your career. This is why a safe space will be created when you find “songwriting tutors near me” through Premier Tutoring. In order for you to break out of your shell, you need to find it first. Your sessions will act as your comfort zone, where you can come and experiment with new sounds or words. Then you will be ready to break free and perform in front of audiences due to the time you have spent with your professional tutor.

The most important thing for us is that you are having fun and getting better as a songwriter. When those two things are happening, we know that we have done our jobs. Music is meant to bring joy into the lives of all of us, even those creating it. Although it can be highly stressful, we want to bring out the best in you which will allow you to create wonderful music. It is within you, now you just need to pull it out with the help of Premier Tutoring. And to do even more, learn with our music theory tutors.


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Creating art is a vulnerable process, especially when it comes to songwriting. You sit there in your room, all alone, harmonizing and coming up with lyrics. This is incredibly difficult to do but is only the tip of the iceberg. The next step is actually playing it for an audience who is going to judge you completely. Most people will not hold back, and it can be truly detrimental to your psyche. If you were to work with an instructor you could run your songs by them in your private songwriting tutoring sessions to get honest feedback. From their professional standpoint, they can tell you what is working and what is not. But most importantly, they can tell you how to fix it.

As an artist, one of the worst feelings in the world is when someone tells you that your piece is horrible but cannot tell you why or how to fix it. They just say “it sucks” and leave you there to wallow in your own misery. Those types of people are the worst and why we never work with tutors who cannot actually provide necessary constructive feedback. Building up and not tearing down is something we truly believe in. We are never going to bash your work, but we will keep you disciplined and make sure you are progressing each week. This is what all great artists need, a sense of discipline.

Without it, absolutely nothing would get done and the songs would never be made. But with that discipline comes an expansion of your vocabulary. You do not want to sound redundant or repetive in your songs. Each song should create a unique experience that is unlike anything your audience has heard, you do not want them to expect one monolithic sound from your work. Working with a vocabulary teacher who also has a music background can help you change the way you think about using words.

Poetic license is something that some of the greats play with all of the time. They rhyme words that should have no business rhyming together and it makes the song much stronger. These are the little thing that you have to consider when writing music. More often than not, you are going to have to learn this information with someone who has the knowledge. That someone will be an instructor who will lead you to melodic greatness.

We got tired of hearing the complaints about students not being able to find helpful “songwriting tutoring near me.” So we took things into our own hands and have created a platform that is packed to the brim with professional musicians. Our team of reps is ready to get you matched with someone who can help you write the next ballad of beautiful songs. All you have to do is call us up and we will start our quick and easy process.


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