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Softball Tutoring

There are a lot of men out there that see the similarities between baseball and softball and immediately assume that they are similar sports, but one must be harder or better than the other. You see a similarly sized field and the shape and rules are mostly the same, but the ball is bigger and the pitchers throw the ball weird. You might think that softball is the weaker sport. Heck, there is no Major League Softball, or at least not one that has enough popularity to pay million dollar salaries to players. Yet, the reason that softball exists is not so that people can eventually go pro and make a lot of money. It exists because it is a lot of fun and it gives people both a way to release some energy and a way to build positive traits, like sportsmanship and teamwork. If you are someone that thinks that softball is just baseball for girls, you need to take a hard look at yourself and might need to take a hard look at the sport of softball. If you were to work with a baseball tutor, they would not be able to prepare you properly for softball. That is why the only way to supercharge your softball skills is through working with private softball tutors.

Despite the misleading name, softballs are not soft. They hurt quite a bit when you get hit with them. It can be a little easier on the body when you are hit by a softball as opposed to a softball because the force is displaced over a larger area. But the difference in rules creates one of the biggest differences in the sport and one of the reasons softballs are still very dangerous. It is also a great reason for softball tutors. In baseball, the mound is 60 feet and six inches from home plate and you are forced to pitch overhand. You are restricted in your windup to one wind because they do not want people developing complex windups or generating more leverage through swinging their arm. Maybe to make up for some of the power lost when the pitchers are women as opposed to men, everything is different and they have created rules to make up for the difference. Instead of 60.5 feet, it is 46 feet for men and 43 feet for women in softball. Not only that, softball pitches are thrown underhand. The arm is actually not designed for overhand throwing overhand consistently, which is what causes so many arm injuries to pitchers, many of which require surgery. Underhand throwing actually goes with the motion arms are meant to go. Whereas an overhand pitch is thrown on a downward plane, the ball sinks in its arc from the pitcher’s hand to the catcher. With a softball pitch, the ball often rises, as the release point is often lower than the strike zone or on line.

Learning the softball pitching style takes a lot of practice. As mentioned, baseball pitches restrict the windup, but softball relaxes those restrictions. Instead of throwing in one motion, you swing your arm around once before actually releasing to generate some additional power and leverage. That wild swing takes place very quickly, so your release point becomes much more important. Erratic pitchers in softball can have some wild results that go high above the strike zone.

On the path to learning to be a better softball player, you are going to want to get help. This is not something that you can do alone. There is no such thing as a solo game of catch. If you do not have the people in your life to help you improve, search for softball tutors near me to get the help you need to throw better strikes and hit the ball harder.


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The process of learning to play softball is a lot more complicated than actually learning to play the sport. There are a lot of rules and positions to learn, but they are all pretty easy to pick up. For the most part, throwing a ball comes naturally to people and so does swinging a bat. It does not for everyone, but those people typically do not choose to play softball. If you are in the arena of softball, the chances are pretty good that you have the basics down. You know what to do. The problem comes in making your body move in a way that you actually do the things that you are intending to do. This is a process that takes practice, but that is why you sign up with private softball tutoring to help you put in the time necessary to get there.

It is not all practice and hard work, which is why you are paying a tutor and not an accountability buddy. If you just needed someone to keep you focused, you could probably find someone for less money. The benefit that you receive from working with one of our experienced tutors is that you are working with someone that can help improve your technique. Pitching is an especially fickle aspect of the game because there can be different pitch types and every change could require a new grip, new hand position, new mound position, new wrist movement, new arm angle, and more. Perfecting all of these for a multiple pitch repertoire takes some serious tracking and that is something that tutors are designed to help with.

Getting better at softball can be very difficult because not every parent has the time to go outside every night and toss the ball around with you to help you improve. Even when they do have the time, most people do not have the teaching skills and expertise to help you improve incrementally without getting frustrated in the process. Finding softball tutoring near me means that you are going to get a great person who cares about your growth as a player. They will help make sure that you do not give up and stay on track to knock balls out of the park.


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