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The broad term of sociology covers a large swath of subjects and can be boiled down to the study of society, relationships, and interaction in day-to-day life. It is a branch of science that can cover any number of fields, as human behavior is vital to understanding consumers. Those that seek the help of private sociology tutoring can explore whichever field that interests them most.

I, for instance, am very interested in sports. In taking preliminary sports classes, I was fell in love with sports sociology and still remember the lessons to this day. In the world of sports, sociology affects things in many ways. To get specific, there are clear discrepancies in professional sports when it comes to race. Although Caucasians are the majority in the US, they are the minority by far in the NBA (not when it comes to the owners, but that is another bag of worms). Entering the 2015-16 season, only 18.3% of the league was white and that includes foreign-born players. On the other end of the spectrum, the NHL is overwhelmingly white.

In looking at some of the reasons for these differences, one might consider the locations that the sports are played. Based on the weather where you grow up, you are more likely to play certain sports. Population is also a factor, but part of the reason that Minnesota has produced only seven current players in the MLB, while Nevada, which has about half the population, has 21 players is that it is harder to play baseball in Minnesota than Nevada because the weather is so poor throughout the year. On the flip side, Minnesota produced 54 current NHL players and almost 300 total, while Nevada has yet to send a player to the NHL.

This type of conclusion is one that is pretty simple, but what if you were to add in the factor of social strata. On the spectrum of most expensive sports to least expensive sports, where, traditionally, lacrosse and boxing are on either end, hockey falls on the expensive side and baseball is closer to the cheap side. Boxing and track are the cheapest sports there are because there was no equipment required. Before boxers needed gloves and a ring, you could beat the crap out of your friends for no money at all. On the other end, lacrosse requires a lot of specialized equipment, including sticks, pads, helmets, and more, as well as a large field space with specifically shaped goals. You can’t just set up two cones like you can in soccer. For hockey, you need a lot of equipment and you need groomed ice. That is a hefty investment. For baseball, you really just need a stick and a ball. Glove too, but you might get called a wuss if you are the only one who requires one.

In addition to these factors, there are so many other things that could possibly account for the difference. Are certain sports reserved for certain genders (i.e. field hockey in America)? Are certain sports associated with religions or a lack of religion? Are certain sports more or less open to people of different sexual orientation? Do certain sports attract deviants?

As a sociologist, you might test all of these factors or just a few. Figuring out how to design a study to find a reason and prove it is the core of what you will work on. To be the best at sociological research, consider searching for sociology tutors near me.


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The good thing about sociology students is that they know how people behave. That might make private sociology tutors the aptest to help students learn. It is oftentimes the job of the tutor to observe a student’s behavior and study patterns and find a way to reach them that takes their strengths and flaws into consideration. It can take some time for this synergy to occur, but it is one of the great benefits of the individualized attention that comes with this type of tutoring. When a tutor spends this much time with a student, they are able to pick up on things that their teachers might miss out on.

When we look for sociology tutors or psychology tutors, we want people that are focused on the students. Relationships are everything in this industry, which is why you want to make the best impression on the students as well as the parents. One thing that some tutors forget is that they are serving the student, but it is often the parents that are footing the bill. If you are able to balance the goals of the parents with the needs of the students, that is a very important skill to have. Sometimes you might have to convince the parents a bit, so it also takes a deft touch in managing expectations and compromising to get to the best solution for the student.

There are a lot of very famous people that have earned sociology degrees. Many great civil rights leaders like Rev. Jesse Jackson, Roy Wilkins of the NAACP, and even Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. were sociology majors. President Ronald Reagan was also one, as was First Lady Michelle Obama. In the arts, Dan Aykroyd and Paul Shaffer focused on this space, as well as Regis Philbin and Ruth Westheimer, better known as Dr. Ruth. Maybe that is what made them so good at hosting talk shows. We probably will not get Regis to tutor sociology in his retirement years, but we can definitely find a great class of highly personable sociology tutoring near me.

One group that has produced a lot of great sociology tutors is Alpha Kappa Delta, the National Sociology Honorary Society. There have been a lot of great members that pass on their passion for promoting the study of sociology through tutoring. If you are a member of the society and want to join the fray, reach out to us. You might also try talking to some of your peers, as some of them might be tutors with us already.


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