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Social History of Art Tutoring

The art world is very confusing to me, as it is to many other people. To appreciate art is very simply to look at it and derive your own opinions, but the comparison of those opinions becomes an argument that creates careers. Certain pieces of art show immense skill, such as those where someone is recreating something else meticulously. You also have interpretive works that evoke emotions or make a statement. There are also things that just look pleasant to the eyes. There are things that are meant to provoke. There are things that are… just strange. I will admit that I truly believe that some art is not over my head and is just truly stupid, no matter how much you try to argue. The way that we all look at art and speak of art is not involved in the creation of art, but it is just as much of a part, if not more. I was recently listening to a podcast about movies where they focus each episode on a specific movie and they mentioned that the general rule was that the podcast episode length should not exceed the length of the movie. We can see that the discourse surrounding art might last longer than the creation of the art or the length that you appreciate the art. Through that, we study with private social history of art tutors to learn more about the discourse surrounding art throughout time.

When you look at art in the context of when it was created, you look at it in a different light than if you look at in 10 years later and maybe even differently still when you look at it 20 years later. I think that we are currently living in a time where the social history of art is as important as it has ever been. There is a term we have coined called “cancel culture” that allows for society to eliminate art based on the ethics of artists that we agree and disagree with. We are having a reckoning with art and the artist, which is a line that we have struggled with for a very long time. Roman Polanski is a figure that continues to loom large in Europe based on his behavior years ago. He was featured in his young life in Hollywood in the Quentin Tarantino film Once Upon a Time in Hollywood at the time when he was married to Sharon Tate, but her fate and his would be very dark. He lives in exile in Europe avoiding extradition to the United States, but continues making movies. In 2002, he made a film called The Pianist, which was considered one of his finest works, if not the finest. It won the Palme d’Or award at the Cannes Film Festival, which is the highest honor at the festival and one of the highest honors in film. It went on to win best adapted screenplay, Adrien Brody won best actor, and Roman Polanski won best director. He was not at the ceremony because he would have been arrested in the United States. That was in 2003, but it would take another 15 years for the Academy to reckon with his place in history. Only in 2018 did they expel him as a member, 41 years after his arrest and exile.

What this is to say is that art has a legacy in different eras. You can make your own judgements on the facts, but the study you do when you search for social history of art tutors near me will focus on how art has great influence over time and that influence can change with the winds of how society views art.


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Social history of art differs from art history in that it is going to focus on everything surrounding the art, not just the art. That can come in many different packages and many shapes and sizes depending on what you are interested in because the art world is large and the world is large too. There are going to be different private social history of art tutoring options based on the subjects that you are interested in and other things. When I think about art, I start with a few questions to narrow things down because the term is so broad. First, you wonder if there is a particular medium. Are you looking at paintings, sculptures, literature, film, theater, architecture? There are lots of different options. Next, you wonder about location. Are we talking about a specific region of the world? Is it a specific country or even city? Next, you want to know era. Is this modern day, back a couple hundred years ago, or even way further back? All of these questions are designed to help fin you the best tutor because you want to make sure that you are getting an expert on the thing that is most important to you. We have tutors that are so passionate about the specific topics that you need that they are walking encyclopedias on that subject. And we are not talking about a bare Wikipedia entry. This is the expert level knowledge that you are looking for.

Once we lock down a profile based on you and your interests, we can move on to focusing on finding you the best tutor, which is not a difficult process. You might have had to go through a long vetting process to find a tutor in the past, but we are actively pursuing new tutors all across the country to make sure that the vetting process is instant for you. We will take care of that time in advance. In the rare cases where we can’t find someone in our network, we will make sure that the replacement tutor that we hire is highly knowledgeable. No matter what, you are always allowed to see references and contact them yourself to verify. When you look for social history of art tutoring near me, you are going to get the best people with Premier Tutoring.


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