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Are you someone that struggles to open up to people and build meaningful relationships? Are you someone that gets shy around new people and does not know how to open up? Are you someone that feels anxiety when thinking about social situations? If any of these things describe you, you might be the perfect person to work with private social coaches. These are trained professionals who have spent a career and lifetime learning about the way that people interact with each other and have the skills to teach you how to become a more valuable person in social situations, improving your interactions and the relationships that you build. Instead of going through life and hoping that everyone likes you, work with someone that can teach you what you are doing right and help you improve on the things that you are doing wrong. Unlike an etiquette coach, social coaches work with you on relationships over manners. The effects can range from improving your friendships to improving relationships with family to improving your relationships with the opposite sex.

It is important first to look at the distinction between social coaches and relationship coaches. If your goal is to improve your chances of sleeping with people, this is not the type of person that you want to hire. I would say that your best chance might be with a social coach because you are not going to get good information from a pickup artist, but the real way to improve is just through interacting with those people and improving every time. Treat interactions the same way that you would a math problem. If something does not work, you go back and do things differently the next time around. That is the same thing when it comes to social interactions.

The difference between what you will learn with a matchmaker and what you learn with a social coach are that your matchmaker is just interested in getting the relationship going, but the social coach is interested in making sure that your relationships last. It does nothing for you if you are just better at meeting people. It will only become valuable for you if you are able to translate those meetings into long lasting friendships that you can build on throughout life.

One thing that I have noticed in my own life that I want to work on is maintaining relationships with friends that I have moved away from. That includes everyone from high school friends to camp friends to college friends to people I have met while travelling. Once you leave the context where you build experiences with that person, it becomes difficult to find new ways to continue that relationship. The simple act of switching the common method of communication requires learning a new way to interact because you have grown so used to the old way. It is natural in life that relationships evolve, but having someone to guide you through all of the ups and downs can help you make sure that you are feeding the relationship the proper nutrients to stay alive. We are very adaptable people, but sometimes, we just need a little bit of help.

Instead of letting fear and anxiety rule your life, working with social coaches near me can be the way that you take back control and find the confidence to succeed in life. There should never be a situation where you feel like you are not socially able to hang with everyone else in the room, even if you are around people that are nothing like you. Those that are experts on interaction can even turn a group of enemies into a group of friends. Not everyone has the mind for social interactions naturally, so working with a social coach, the same way you work with a math tutor when you are not good at math, can be a great way to build healthier relationships.


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I think that a lot of people have misconceptions about what healthy social lives look like. We have so many influences out there these days with all of the social media telling us what cool lives are supposed to look like, but they never actually capture what friendships should really about. The little moments might actually show up more in stories on those apps, but we still have an obstructed view of what healthy social life is. You might think that great private social coaching comes from people who were the coolest in school, but that is not the case. Your high school popularity has nothing to do with your ability to coach people and should not be correlated.

Another group that we tend to stay away from are the people that are more focused on teaching relationship advice. As much as your relationships with the opposite sex are just as important as your other relationships, there are too many people out there that focus on the sex aspect of those relationships instead of the other valuable reasons that you spend time with someone. These people are valuable to the segment that looks for them, but our goal in social coaching is not to help you get laid. We might be able to help you improve your chances of landing a romantic partner, but our goal will be for long term happiness and any short term gratification is on your terms. We are not here to be your wingmen, as much as you might want or need one.

Social coaches can be seen as an embarrassing thing to look for because we are expected to have social skills on our own. As far as education, there are no stigmas to not knowing something on your own because you are not expected to have come up with mathematical theorems or understand gravity better than people did before it was discovered. That said, we do not build in education when it comes to social situations. You are expected to just learn from your own mistakes. Instead of flailing on your own, work with social coaching near me.


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