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Soccer Tutoring

Soccer is the most popular sport in the world. Anyone who argues that is just doing it to be contrarian. However, it is not one of the most popular sports in America even though our private soccer tutors might beg to differ. In the most recent women’s World Cup the United States took home the gold. Some of the best athletes on the planet were on our team and it really showed. They worked hard to achieve their goal and it all came to fruition on the largest stage imaginable. It was a major moment in history for the country and that team will forever live on in World Cup history. The same cannot be said about our men’s team as they seem to struggle each year to even advance to play for the Cup.

When we do finally get into the tournament we seem to get dominated by our opponents. It is time for all of that to change and as a parent, you want to get your child involved in soccer. America is known as a football country, where each fall the boys strap on the pads and hit the gridiron. But now we are seeing the long term effects that football has on the brain. Constant concussions can leave former players with CTE which is a traumatic brain injury that slowly deteriorates your brain. Now parents are trying to find an alternative because obesity rates are still on the rise and children are staying in more than ever.

Soccer seems to be that choice as you literally run miles a game and it is a far less violent sport than football. It will also instill a sense of competition and teamwork in your child that simply cannot be taught in school. Student-athletes are held to a higher standard than most other students for several reasons. Typically they are in the spotlight and when they go out with the school logo on their chest they are representing the school. Because of that people judge them both on the pitch and off of it. This sense of responsibility is also something that is taught during a player’s time involved with soccer. Soccer can also open the door on opportunities that would otherwise stay closed and locked.

For example, a good family friend of mine played soccer while in high school. She was incredibly talented and used her skills to get a scholarship to play at a top-notch university. If it was not for the scholarship she would have never been able to afford school. She performed at a high level while in school but she was never good enough to make the National team or play professionally.

She used her time in school to get a degree and now she owns a multimillion-dollar business. Soccer helped her build the life she lives now and all of her kids love the sport as well. This is a generational sport that can be passed down while also teaching children all types of values. “Soccer tutoring near me” is the first step toward you helping your child build up a wonderful future for themselves.


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Although it is up to the players to go out on the pitch and put the ball in the goal you can always sense a well-coached team. Discipline and game plan are a major component in the success of any organization and especially a soccer team. Too many penalties or clutter on the field can end in a brutal loss. When a team listens to their coach then they start to win more games and win in bulk. However, a coach is also only as good as his team. It is a give and take situation. Players get better in practice but they really develop in training. Practicing will make sure that you win games, while private soccer tutoring will make sure that you are progressing as a player.

You have to put the time in during the offseason and when no one else is around except for you and your trainer. This is where champions are made. With the blood, sweat and tears put in each and every day for hours. As stated earlier, the game of soccer requires being able to run for literal miles at a fast pace. The last thing you want is to be on a breakaway in the eighty-eighth minute to win the game and you run out of gas. Our fitness tutors will allow you to really know who you are as a player. You thought you were a hotshot until you hit the track and started running for several miles. But this is the type of training that is required to really feel like a great soccer player.

If you want to become a professional one day then you are going to have to put in the work right now. While you are searching for “soccer tutors near me” and reading this wonderfully worded post, your competition is out there working with one of our athletics tutors. Working on their game so that they can take you down when you finally meet on the pitch. Stop thinking about it and take the shot! Let us help you reach your goals as a soccer player so the world can see what you have to offer. Most people do not really understand what it takes to be a professional or even a college level athlete. They think it just involves a little weight training a lot of luck on the genetics end.

Lionel Messi is one of the greatest soccer players to touch a soccer ball and he is completely undersized. If you saw him on the street you might not even realize who he is and what he has done for the sport. When he steps on that pitch people go crazy and it is because of all the work that he has put in to perfect his craft. He has some of the best footwork in the league and he is a problem for opponents three times his size. His ability to score is unmatched but it did not just come to him. He worked incredibly hard to achieve this goal. So if you want to reach your goals go ahead and start scoring goals, you need to work with Premier Tutoring. There is nothing that we cannot assist you with on the pitch.


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