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Sketchup is a pretty specialized tool that not everybody is going to use or even know about in their lives, but if you are an architect or interior designer, this could be the tool that you use every day to do your job better. Some say that you can use Sketchup for video game design and it was used in the past for buildings in the game Uncharted 2, but it is more likely that Sketchup is used to supplement the work that you do in another program, such as Blender. To become great at using Sketchup, consider hiring private Sketchup tutors to help make you better at designing models.

The first thing to know about Sketchup is what you should use it for and what it is not good for. In terms of man-made objects, it is a great tool to use. That would include buildings, furniture, and many other structures, especially those without a lot of detail to the shape. Sketchup starts to get a little sticky when you need more detail and work on soft-body models, such as humans or animals. These are best reserved for another type of software, which is why it is not encouraged to design video games using Sketchup.

One of the great features of the software is that it allows for a lot of collaboration among the user base. The 3D Warehouse allows users to submit models to the library, which other users can then download for their own use. There is a game called MLB The Show that uses a similar system of open-sourced modifications to let the community run the show. In sports video games, two of the most valuable assets are strong player ratings and accurate roster updates. When a player switches teams, you want the game to be the first thing to show you what that player looks like in his new uniform. Unfortunately, the game developers are not very invested in making a great product. There is no competition in the MLB video game market, so the game has refused to innovate for years. Their player ratings are poorly thought out and do not reflect reality. They are also very slow to update rosters with changes. Compare this to Madden and the NBA 2k series and The Show is an embarrassment. The saving grace is that there is a community that cares about doing better. They upload their own rosters and created players to the server and do the heavy lifting for the creators of the game.

The good thing about this collaboration is that it allows people to not waste time doing the same work that someone else has already done. Maybe you still make a couple of changes to make things your own, but it saves you a ton of time and energy when someone is able to help you take care of some of the less important figures. As an interior designer, you probably do not want to spend your time creating 3D models of furniture. Instead, your time is better spent using a library of existing models and shaping them to the dimensions of what items you have.

Learning how to use this software is going to take time, but it can be a big help in visualizing scenes. It could also be a great way to communicate what is in your head to others without making a big investment putting together physical models. To learn more about creating great art, work with Sketchup tutors near me. This could be a great supplement to architecture education.


Who we hire?


Part of what we look for in hiring great private Sketchup tutoring is for people with a strong mind’s eye that can also translate what is in their head to the program. You want someone that is a great communicator, which is part of what that is.

I struggle sometimes in converting the thoughts in my head into words that make sense for people. Often, I get started in a line of thinking where I start in the same place as others, but my end goal is much different, so turning other people to see things my way is hard. There are a lot of leaps that I make and expect people to come along with me, but I look back and realize that they are still tentatively looking at the first ledge. I want to tell them that they can skip right over and get to me, but they get clogged up at a bottleneck.

The thing about good tutors is that they are experienced working with people looking to learn. That means that they have ways of clearing the mental fog and getting you to the point that they are trying to make. This can be especially important in Sketchup, where words are not the medium and pictures are.

Like with any software, patience is key to helping people get better. I have had to explain certain tech to my grandfather in the past and it is something that I have convinced my mom that she can do from now on because it is just too difficult. He is a little hard of hearing, which does not help matters. He also likes to do things himself, which is slow enough as it is. When I teach him to use things like Amazon Prime, it takes a half an hour for him to just find the password to his Wifi, let alone get to anything actually involving streaming video. I am still sitting with my fingers crossed, hoping that he does not find some way to log off of his account before finishing the last season of Justified.

If you have the patience and know-how, we would love to add you to our roster of Sketchup tutoring near me. There are interior designers all around looking for help positioning couches and rugs for their clients. They need your help to turn their gorgeous designs into a reality. Reach out to us today if you are an expert in the software and have a passion for helping people learn new things.


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