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There are a few things that every student in high school dreads. Bullies are probably going to make you feel like crap over the course of the years. Gym class makes some people so terrified that they fake sick notes just to convince the school that they do not need to do the work. But one of the things that everyone has to do that gives you no joy is take the SAT. And if you are someone who derives joy from taking the SAT, who the heck are you? Reevaluate your life and find a hobby. The SAT is something that should give you some worry. It is one of the most important tests that you take in your high school career and it is going to be a major deciding factor in how colleges see you. But even with all of that, taking the test does not have to be a terrifying experience. If you have done the proper preparation, you can ace any section of the test. For those of you that are not that strong with the Reading section, private SAT Reading tutors can be a great way to get that preparation as you are on the way to take the test.

You are probably good enough to prepare on your own, which is totally fine. There are plenty of resources out there that have practice tests in them, have the topics that you will need to know organized in efficient ways, and have tips and tricks that everyone uses to get ahead. But the nuance of a tutors insight could make the difference between getting a great score and getting a score that is just good enough. You never really know what score you “need” to get because that is up to your college and there may not be any possible score to change your fate, but you should still work to get the best score that you can to give yourself the best chances to do whatever you want to do. Getting good at the SAT Reading section is very different than getting ready for the SAT Writing section, which is going to focus a lot more on your grammar skills than it does on your ability to critically analyze texts.

The content of the SAT Reading section is much more concerned with your reading skills and the passages that you read are going to reflect that. In the Writing section, you are going to read nonfiction passages that are mostly arguments that you need to improve. In the reading section, you are much more likely to see passages from fiction works and other literature, as well as other topics that cover pretty much all of the subjects that you learn in school except for math (which makes a lot of sense considering that math has its own section).

The reading section is the first section that you take in the SAT and consists of 52 multiple choice questions based on a series of passages. Each passage or pair of passages covers around 10 to 12 questions. Overall, you have 65 minutes to read the passages and answer all 52 questions. Each of the five passages (or sets of passages) will have somewhere between 500 and 750 words. I say set of passages because it is actually four passages and then a pair of shorter passages. One of the passages will also feature a chart or graph that will relate to the content. As mentioned, the subjects of the passages cover pretty much everything that is not math. One passage will be from a work of literature, representing English. Another passage will be text from a political document, such as the Constitution or a famous speech, representing social studies and government. One more will be about a social science, possibly psychology, sociology, or economics. Finally, two passages will cover science. Usually, the passage pair will be about science.

Knowing the structure of the test, you are ready to move to the actual studying with SAT Reading tutors near me. I would highly suggest that anyone that is about to take the test work with any outside help that they can to prepare. You might not be able to afford private tutoring, but there are other options to make sure that you are not behind the eight ball on SAT help.


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Finding the right private SAT Reading tutoring can be a hard thing to do because so many students have unique learning styles that make learning different for everyone. If you are going to find the exact right one for you, you want to have a lot of options in front of you because that gives you better odds that you will find the best fit for yourself. It is all a numbers game, so we are always looking to increase the odds of a perfect match by expanding our network to include more tutors. There are always going to be more students taking the SAT, so you are looking at one of the most lucrative and consistent tutoring subjects around.

The things that tutors should know on this section of the test are the types of reading skills that you will need to be successful and techniques to help better students in those areas. The first thing that this section tests is the understanding of the big picture of the story. You might get a question about the question asking you to sum up the main purpose of the exam. This is a bit annoying because it feels like they are requesting a subjective answer and an objective answer all in one. That is part of the quandary that you face in taking the SAT because you are constantly forced to balance what you think the answer should be and which of the four “close enough” answers best represents what you think. Beyond the big picture, you are also going to look at the little picture, which are the little details. You will probably see a reference to a specific line and phrase, which you will have to make inferences about. Speaking of inference, that is also a concept that is tested. You might get a phrase out of context and they will ask you what is being implied. Questions can include vocabulary issues, function of words, author technique, evidence as support, data interpretation, and more.

Searching for SAT Reading tutoring near me is going to yield a ton of results, so you want to make sure that you are getting the right help that allows you to succeed. We hire the best to serve the best.


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