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The SAT Math section is one that is not designed to give you fits and you can manage to ace it with the right strategy. Knowing how to tackle the test is the first step to getting a great score, which is why you should work with private SAT Math tutors to improve on your skills and make sure that you are as ready for the test as you could possibly be. This is one of the biggest tests that students take, so it is very important that you do well to make sure that you can get into the best college that you can.

I once met a girl who aspired to be a dentist when she was an adult. She was 18 at the time, but still a long way away from adulthood. I happen to know a dentist pretty well and he worked his butt off to get into Johns Hopkins for his undergrad education. It took him strong math scores on the SAT, especially because he wanted to show that he had strong math and science skills that would later be applied in his medical and dental studies. This girl told me her SAT score was 800 and I was shocked. I thought that I had completely misjudged her because she had gotten a perfect score on one of the sections. It turned out that I was right all along when she revealed that she got an 800 total. Out of 2400. Dentistry was going to be a pipe dream if she did not buckle down on her studies. The score she got was barely more than you get just for writing your name. According to her, “I’m pretty sure I actually misspelled my name on one of the sections. Maybe they just didn’t count that as mine.”

When I was 12, I had to take the SAT to go to a nerdy summer camp. I got a modest 520 on the reading section, but managed a 630 on the math. That was essentially my only practice test. I ended up taking the ACT later and got a 36 on the math, so it was good preparation. That might be because the SAT math section is actually pretty hard. They say that it is designed to be about the math that you use in the real world, but they include college math and science courses in there, so it is not really clear what they consider the real world to be. You are going to have to take down problems both with and without the use of a calculator, something that gives lots of students fits.

According to College Board, who runs the test, the three subjects of the math section are the Heart of Algebra, Problem Solving and Data Analysis, and Passport to Advanced Math. The cheesiness of the first and third areas aside, this covers linear equations, quantitative skills, and manipulation of complex equations. These are skills that are hard to pick up, but you will need them in the future. Studying for the SAT math section or even the ACT math section will prepare you for your life ahead.

In this test, you are going to have your fluency tested. You need to be able to take in all of the math lessons that you have learned, parse through all of the complex concepts, and practically apply your knowledge to solve problems. They are not going to tell you which equation to use, expecting you to reach into your toolbox and know the right tool for the job. To make sure you know what you are doing, search for SAT Math tutors near me.


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Part of taking the SAT is more than just the concepts on the test. When you are completely stumped by a question, you are presented with a couple of bad options and must choose the lesser of two evils. You could choose to guess on the question. This might have seemed like an option on other tests, but the SAT is unique in that it penalizes you for incorrect responses. In most cases, something is better than nothing at all, but that is not true at all of the SAT. Your other choice is to leave the answer blank. This is something that takes some awareness of your own strengths and weaknesses. Having the confidence to know what you know and what you do not is an important skill that you can work on with private SAT Math tutoring.

Our tutors should do more than work on the concepts with you. For the most part, if you need help on the concepts, you would go to a math tutor instead. They are the ones best suited to teach you about the actual math. But for taking this specific test, you want someone that is intimately versed with the intricacies of the test. You want someone that understands the timing as well as the limits of educated guessing. Hopefully, your tutor will help you develop strategies to know if a problem is too hard and you should skip it. They can also teach you where you can confidently make a guess, which should help you avoid missing out on correct answers. Although you lose a quarter of a point for a wrong answer, you gain a full point for a correct answer. If you use some simple math, the intersection where the risk of losing a quarter point is greater than the chance that you get the answer correct is at 20 percent. That means that you should answer the question if you are 20 percent sure that you will be correct. Since most questions are multiple choice between four questions, you should at least attempt an answer on all 4 answer questions.

That might seem like all of the questions, but the math section of the SAT also features a grid section where you are not given any choices. These are the questions that pose the biggest risk because there is nothing to anchor yourself to. You can improve the odds from one in four on a multiple choice question because you might know enough to rule out an answer, but an infinite number of answers means you can’t rule anything out.

These are all reasons to look to SAT Math tutoring near me. Our team of professionals is constantly growing and we want to serve the best of the best.


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