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Statistics are a weapon that can be used for good, but have the potential to be used for evil. Maybe evil is a little strong, but there are misapplications of data that often result in pretty terrible consequences, so we need to make sure that people doing statistical analysis are trained properly. Maybe that comes in the way of private SAS tutoring or another way, but you should always try to find a way to improve your skills and tutoring is one of the best ways. SAS uses C, so you might also want to use our C tutors as well. The combination can be a great way to differentiate yourself and show that you are one of the most prepared in terms of using the software.

One of the applications of SAS that I think is most interesting and can have the largest ramifications is in criminal investigations. There are a lot of reasons why we should support data usage to help solve crimes because they can help unlock problems that we are not seeing and people are definitely trying crazy smart ways to cheat the rules, but we also need to remember that false statistics can have bad consequences and we do not want to let bad stats put the wrong people behind bars. There is a bit higher level of competence required for people that want to work in criminal investigations. The problem at times is that people are not great at reading data and those that can use specialized software are seen as experts. That lets some fakes get through and put out the wrong information that can put people away for things they did not do. We need to make sure that people using this software are up to snuff and that can be achieved when you look for SAS tutoring near me.

SAS does not always have to be life and death. There are a lot of ways where SAS is just another computer program and you do not have to feel too much pressure to learn it if you are not required. We think that the pursuit of knowledge is only beneficial, so of course we are going to say that tutoring is a great option, but you know we are biased. The thing that is not biased is the statistics that show that tutoring is highly beneficial. Okay, you caught me that I am making it up, but that is why you need to make sure stats are trustworthy because people like me will trick you.


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When a tutor works with a student, there is a special relationship that forms when things go right. I can attest to the different ways that things evolve because I had tutor on and off throughout my childhood. It was mostly to help make sure I was getting the highest grades possible because I grew up in an area where the students were competitive to crazy levels. I had a math tutor that was someone I never got along with. He did not really believe in me and showed a clear lack of interest in helping. He was just collecting a paycheck. I feel fairly confident saying that after he told my parents that I was nothing special as a math student. My grades begged to differ, but that was his problem. It was a clear example to me of where tutoring can go awfully wrong. This style of tutoring, if you want to call it that, is not one that is supported by Premier Tutoring. When we hear about experiences like that, we consider whether we want to associate with that tutor and we have no problem severing ties with people if they do not fit in with the culture of our company. We feel that it is too important to our students to have people that care about their futures than to keep around mediocre private SAS tutors.

I will use another example from my own experience with tutors to talk about the qualities that we look for because I have to say that my tutoring experiences were not all bad. That one bad apple did not spoil the bunch and I had plenty of other good experiences. The best of which came from my college prep tutor, who was the one that had the biggest impact on me. She was closest to me in age of all of the people I worked with and we connected well on a personal level, which made me trust her. All of the others felt like they felt superior to me, but she treated me like an equal that has just had less experience than her. She worked to build a rapport with me because that can pay dividends later on. I was immature, as many high school kids are, so I had the tendency to slack off, but she was able to call me on my bad habits and get through because of the trust that she built with me. In sports, scouts often grade players based on quantifiable stats, like speed and strength. It is easy to compare two players’ speed when you have them both run 40 yard dashes. Outside of the quantifiable traits, they often talk about another category called intangibles. These are the qualities that you can’t measure, but are important in the process. It is hard to say what intangibles make a great tutor, but I believe my college prep teacher was so great because her intangibles were off the chart.

When you search for SAS tutors near me, you will be guaranteed tutors that are up to a certain standard. We encourage parents and students to reach out with feedback about the tutors. We even appreciate knowing when tutors are just okay because it can help us figure out who the best of the best are. We always want to make sure that you are getting someone that is great and not just good enough. You deserve only the top quality tutors, so we can do our part to make sure that you get nothing less.


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