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I have two friends whose Instagram stories started getting a lot more interesting and it was because they had started doing Latin dance together to the point that they were performing in competitions. It was all very impressive. I knew that they had moves, but seeing it all come together was pretty impressive. When I asked them about it, they were instantly into pitch mode as they tried to convince me to also take salsa lessons. Knowing my body and my ability to dance, I was not anywhere near their level. They told me that they were at the same level I was when they started. After putting in the time and effort to improve, they were finally confident enough to show off, but they said it would be so fun in the time that it takes to learn. It was not something that I was very interested in until I went out to see one of them perform music and saw a 20 person contingent of salsa dancers that had come out to support. It is not just a way to move your body, but a way to join a community and that is why I immediately started looking into private salsa dancing tutors.

The thing about salsa is that it is not something that you can learn on your own. You need a partner if you are going to be able to practice all of the moves. Just because the lessons are private does not mean that you can’t bring a partner along to learn with. In a pinch, you can dance with the tutor, but it is most effective when they can observe and step in when needed. Salsa can be a great way to spice up your relationship with a partner or encourage you to get out of your shell. For me, that was the most attractive thing about learning to dance. I like to dance like nobody is watching, but only when I am sure that nobody is watching. It is a little harder to get me to get out of my shell in a room full of strangers. Salsa dancing allows for a platonic physical touch that creates comfort with people without feeling overly sexual or uncomfortable. A lot of people worry that this is going to get really intimate and it can do wonders to help your intimacy, but this is not going to cross any lines. You are only going to go as far as you want to and nothing is truly going to go past any lines.

If you are a fan of Dancing With the Stars, you know that salsa is just one of the many forms of dancing that you can learn. There are lots of different ways to bust a move, whether that is with a partner, on your own, or even in a large group. If you are more interested in dancing that is slower paced and more deliberate, ballroom dancing tutors might be the better option for you. If you are looking for a way to move your body like Shakira and shake your hips, salsa dancing is a fun way to get that energy out. Learning to salsa is something that can make you more comfortable in your own skin and relate better to others beyond just being a fun way to get some energy out. When the music hits you, you will have no other reaction other than to dance and let the rhythm take you. Searching for salsa dancing tutors near me is a smart way to get going in one of the most fun hobbies that you can get into.


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One of the best movies of all time is the golf comedy from Adam Sandler called Happy Gilmore. In the movie, Sandler plays the titular Happy, who is a failed hockey player that is desperate for a way to make enough money to save his grandmother’s house from foreclosure. A golf pro named Chubs played by Carl Weathers sees Happy’s incredible swing power and decides that Happy is the perfect person to train to become a great golfer. This takes some getting used to because Happy is a bit childish, but Chubs manages to drill home a simple mantra that is something that you can take to salsa dancing: it’s all in the hips. This is not just a great phrase to tell you a little about salsa, but also something to show you what you are going to get out of private salsa dancing tutoring.

You might wonder why Carl Weathers in a comedy movie is someone to look up to, but he might be one of the best tutors in the history of film. Happy was a brash hockey player with a lot of golf potential, but convincing him to tone down the fighting and focus on the properness of golf was something that took true empathy and emotional intelligence. One of the best moments of connection in the movie comes when Chubs gives Happy a custom putter. Putting had been a struggle for the slap shot favoring Happy, but Chubs found a balance that made Happy a great putter as well as driver. He buys Happy a putter that is shaped like a hockey stick to honor the mashup of sports. It is his way of compromising the sport he loves with the sport that Happy loves. Finding this way to reach the unreachable student is one of the intangible skills that we seek in our tutors.

Finding great salsa dancing tutoring near me is always easy when you come to us. We find people that are good at working with all kinds of personalities. If you are someone that has trouble breaking out of their shell, we can work you into things slowly. If you are someone that is a little too comfortable with yourself, we can tone it down without making you feel ashamed. Our professionals are trained to make sure that you are getting the experience that is best for you.


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