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Russian Tutoring

Something that might seem like an insane thought to your grandparents if they were Americans living during the Cold War, the idea of learning Russian is something that many people are starting to consider. Before they get into it, it is important to first think about the ease of learning such a language. There are a lot of schools in America that only offer the basic Spanish and French. Russian is a language that you might not find in your school. The reason is that the roots of Russian are not as strong as they are for Spanish and French in and around America. The Spanish owned large parts of America before we bought them and the famous Louisiana Purchase was from the French. The roots run deep here. Not just that, the roots of those languages and English are in Latin, so we have a lot of overlap. So is Russian going to be as easy to learn as one of those languages? No. And not just because it is harder to find lessons. But it is not hard to find private Russian tutors, which are one of the best ways to learn Russian, the same way Turkish tutors are the best way to learn Turkish.

As mentioned, part of the reason that other languages are more prevalent in schools is because of the history in America. But you might think, Russians also have history in America. In fact, I have Russian roots myself. For many reasons, a lot of the Russian language has been lost in America due to assimilation. This sounds like a negative term, and it can be, but it also represents some of what inspired Americana in the early 20th century. For better or worse, the pressure to fit into America led to limited Russian speaking. They say that the first thing to go in assimilation is language and the last thing to go is food, which is why I know nothing about Russian, but there is a family recipe for cooking cabbage. The Cold War and stoking fears of Russians did not help promoting Russian when that came later and that has led to limiting Russian culture in America. The political differences lead to a cultural isolationism, which is as sad as it is hurting the world.

On basic levels, the differences between Russian and English are heavily in the alphabet, pronunciations, and word order. The Russian alphabet is Cyrillic, where the English alphabet is rooted in Latin. That is why we can generally read other Romance languages (albeit maybe pronouncing things wrong) and Russian writing looks like craziness. There are only 6 letters that look and are pronounced the same between English and Russian. On top of that, the Russian alphabet has a whopping 33 letters, so you still need to learn an additional 27 letters, which is still more than our alphabet. The most confusing are that there are some letters that do look like English letters, but are pronounced completely different than our pronunciation. It can be incredibly confusing. The other main difference is the word choice and the main change for Russian is that word order matters way less than it does in English. Sentence structure might be described as triangle shaped, with the most emphasized words first and the least important words at the end of the sentence. That does not make a lot of sense to English speakers, so it can be a big adjustment.

Russian is a challenge that not all Americans want to take, but if you are brave enough to take this on, working with Russian tutors near me can be the best way to get ahead. Our incredible language tutors will give you the personal attention that you need to learn the language fully.


Who we hire?


There are a lot of different people out there, so there is not really one thing that we can say that will make you great for our private Russian tutoring or make you better for another company. That sounds kind of nebulous when it comes to actually figuring out what it would take to get in, but I promise that it is not as complicated as it sounds. There are obvious qualities in every tutor that we look for that will be consistent with Russian tutoring.

For example, all tutors are required to have at least a few years of experience. That seems like a given when hiring tutors or may seem like too stringent a requirement, but our reason is that experienced tutors have had the opportunities to work with a variety of students. Some tutors are lucky enough to get great students every time, but one of the things that makes a great tutor is the ability to reach through to a difficult student and that is something that only comes through experience. Experienced tutors are much more likely to know what to do with a student and not require finding a new match too much in the early going. We want to get students going as quickly as possible, so they just need to focus on learning.

One thing to think about is your accent, which can be a gift and a curse. There is no mistaking your expertise when the student hears your accent, but if they can’t understand you, it is almost a moot point. Working on smoothing out your accent might be necessary before you are able to reach a wide variety of students. We have heard feedback from parents that want to make sure that their students do not work with accented tutors, which is why we encourage tutors to work on it. It is not a requirement and never will be, but it could be good advice if you want to attract more tutoring clients.

In finding Russian tutoring near me, there is no one answer to what makes the best tutors, but we are still tasked with finding the right people. We just want to make sure that at the end of the day, the client feels like they got their money’s worth for the experience. It is up to you to convince us you can make that happen.


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