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Ruby Tutoring

Ruby is a language that a lot of people learn because it is a general purpose language that is in high demand in the marketplace. The readability and conciseness make it really easy to pick up. Ruby is the language of Rails, which is a development framework that helps make programming easier by making assumptions about what you need to get started. Think of it like your old buddy Clippy from Microsoft Word, but way more useful and way less annoying. Some of the sites that you use all of the time started off in Ruby. A website designed to help entrepreneurs secure funding for their projects through crowd sources started with Ruby and became Kickstarter. A website for amateur musicians to upload their music and share with their friends or for professionals to send unfinished cuts in a secure platform suddenly became Soundcloud. Even the place where you can share things like the fact that you just went to the bathroom in 140 characters or less were aided by Ruby. You know that last one. If you are looking to develop your site, private Ruby tutors can help you get to where you need to go and start your business off right.

Starting off, you might be thinking, those sites are cool, but I do not have the idea of the next big thing. I just want to program. Well, you might want to think about how people who know Ruby get jobs at all of the best tech companies, including IBM, Dropbox, Quora, Facebook, and Google. You can really help your chances of making big money in the programming game through one of the cool Silicon Valley jobs that requires Ruby knowledge. Going forward, kids are going to learn programming languages in schools like they are learning foreign languages. When I was a kid, programming was something that you had to seek out, but these days, you have all of the resources for nearly free and just need to have the willpower to take advantage of them. If you are going to keep up in the next generation, programming languages might be some of the most important in the world. Everyone used to talk about the need to learn Chinese because the population is so large and the country is becoming more industrialized, but maybe Ruby or Python are more useful in this day and age.

If you are going to keep up with the wave of the future, search for Ruby tutors near me. You are going to find plenty of quality options that can help you get the baseline knowledge needed to get ahead of your peers. Those that can program are going to have more autonomy in the future. The same way that my dad can fix a car, being able to program might be the way to provide for your family in the future. We do not know the life paradigms like that yet, but we can still know that programming is important.


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When I was younger, my parents used to tell me to go outside more and get away from computers, but they did not really see how interested I was in computers and that it could become a career. At the same time, I probably could have built daily exercise into my routines and my low Vitamin D might be because I am not outside enough, but the joke is on them if I can make a living on the computer. That is what many kids are seeing these days and you can find great people when they share your love of computing. Great private Ruby tutoring can often come from those that are able to offer caring support to the students and act like role models. It does not always have to be the doting types that are best at tutoring. Sometimes, you just want to get better because you think you will be cool if you are better. In the case of rock music, playing a sick guitar solo evokes that feeling easily, but great tutors are able to get that feeling when they teach you to code. Seeing someone that has sick coding skills could be like the guitar solo that makes you practice 18 hours a day to replicate it.

Finding those right mentors takes getting to know you personally and really taking an interest. Quickly, I will tell a story about building personality profiles on the fly that went wrong to show you why we are doing things the right way. When I was younger, I had a Bar Mitzvah like any other good Jewish boy and at each one, the rabbi would say a little bit about the Bar or Bat Mitzvah boy or girl during the service. There were two rabbis and I was assigned to a rookie that did not know me as well as the other. At the time, I loved Japanese anime, so he decided to work that into the speech. Instead of anime, he talked about my love of Japanese “enema,” which got laughs from the crowd, which was not the intended reaction. It was fairly embarrassing for me. When you are talking to someone about their interests, you can’t just take the words in and repeat them back. You need to truly understand what that means. If someone tells us that they like Japanese anime, we might think more about what that means to you. We might find a tutor that is not just up to date on One Piece, but also gets your mind.

Tutors should do more than just teach you the subject that you are interested. They should incept passion into you if that is even possible. Inevitably, the relationship between tutor and student is going to be limited, but that is why we look for people that are able to have a lasting impact. If you are going to be the best that you can be, your Ruby tutoring near me should reflect that by being the best that it can be as well.


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