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There are a lot of people that confuse Romance languages with the Romanian language or even Romani language, but those are all different things. Romance and Romanian are actually connected though because Romanian is one of the five Romance languages, along with Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and French. There are around 25 million people that speak Romanian natively and you might guess that they are mostly in Romania. That is partially true, but it is also the official and national language of Moldova as well and is one of the official languages of the European Union. Romance languages are derived from Latin, which was the Roman language, but there were different dialects of even Latin and Eastern Europe was more commonly using a colloquial form of Latin called Vulgar Latin. If you took that as it is written in the context of American English, you might think that this is just a bunch of curse words and bad language, but this context has vulgar meaning more like slang. This is what you would say to your buddies instead of what you would write in a professional email. Romanian derives from Vulgar Latin, but that does not mean it is slang European. It is just another interesting language that you can learn when you are going overseas to Europe. If you are planning a trip to Romania, you should definitely think about learning with our private Romanian tutors to get yourself around town and speak with the locals.

I will admit that I did not think that I knew anything about Romanian or the culture of Romania, but there are actually two songs that are stuck in my head for the rest of my life that come from Romanian artists. In America, we love boy bands and had our fun with New Kids on the Block, ‘Nsync, the Backstreet Boys, 98 Degrees, and onto the next generation of One Direction and more. In Romania, there was O-Zone, who may not have ever had an international hit without the help of the internet. In 2003, YouTube was not even a thing yet, so this was the age where viral and shareable still meant that you had to talk to someone in person at the water cooler or metaphorical equivalent. This was a lunchroom hit for me, as I was still in grade school. O-Zone’s hit song is called Dragostea Din Tei, which I unfortunately learned almost every word of, despite never knowing Romanian. I would liken it to the kids singing along to Despacito without knowing Spanish or Gangnam Style without knowing Korean, but still getting the words right. There are even some kids who sing along to Old Town Road with some funny results because they do not get the lyrics. Dragostea Din Tei gained fame in a video where a goofy guy recorded himself lip syncing to the song in front of his computer followed by some endearingly excited dancing. To this day, a version on YouTube has almost 35 million views, but that does not even cover how popular this was. It was a full blown sensation and Romania got the benefit. The other song that hit the charts worldwide was a Eurodance track called Mr. Saxobeat by Alexandra Stan. Admittedly, I have not heard anything else from either her or O-Zone, but those songs are hits. Mr. Saxobeat is a genuine banger and it is hard to get out of your head.

I think one of the most fun things about learning a new language is learning to appreciate the pop culture from that country because it then becomes an easy way to connect with natives. With all of the media that we put out into the world as Americans that Romanians consume, it is nice to sample their culture as well as a sign of mutual respect. They have a lot to offer and you can learn way more about it when you search for Romanian tutors near me.


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When we think about who to target or how to target private Romanian tutoring, we often try to look first at who in the country is Romanian. Where are the Romanians located and where have they spread to since they came to this country. Overall, the population with Romanian heritage is around half a million to a million, so it is not that much, but they are spread all around the country, so finding Romanian tutors is not an impossible task. The obvious state that is number one is where most European immigrants came into the country, which is New York. Usually, that means that the surrounding areas are heaviest in Romanians, but it actually goes all the way to the most populous state, California, at number two. Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Illinois follow, which goes to show you that there is more to Romanian Americans than just the northeast. As with many European countries, many Romanians fled because they were Jewish during the second World War. That era and in the 1990s, New York and Los Angeles were the two places to go. At the time in Los Angeles, Jewish Americans were building up Hollywood, so it made sense that those two communities would welcome more Jewish immigrants.

All of this said, if you want a Christian Romanian tutor, we can find those for you too. If you want a female Romanian tutor with 5 years teaching Romanian and another language as well, we can do our best to find that person for you too. Whatever kind of Romanian tutoring near me that you are looking for, we will find a way to hook it up or at least show that we have done our best to find a happy alternative. We feel that you deserve to have some choice in this process, so we try our best to make it happen for you. Too many companies try to switch you to online tutoring, but that means that you have to make a sacrifice. We will always try to make in person happen first.


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