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Back in 1864, New York’s school systems had a budget allocation formula that meant that the larger proportion of budget will go to schools with the largest population of students. Noticing that this incentivized enrollment over education, they developed a Board of Regents and Regents exam, which would be the way that they compared schools and allocated money. Those schools preparing their students best to be Regents scholars would get the most money. Today, the exam still exists and as of 2012, getting a Regents diploma is required of nearly every student in the state of New York. This is exclusive to the state, but works similar to AP classes in that there are standardized tests after certain subjects. In that way, it is also like the SAT Subject tests you might take. Some AP and SAT Subject tests are allowable as substitutes for Regents, so make sure that you look into that because you might be able to knock out a college requirement as well by choosing one of those tests over the Regents test. Since getting a Regents Diploma is a requirement, you need to make sure that you take the test seriously, which is why you should definitely consider hiring private Regents tutors to help your child pass the test.

There are a total of ten Regents exams and you are required to pass at least five of them (with some additional requirements) to get your diploma. A passing score is 65 on each test, but that is considered a terrible score. Most schools in state require remedial work at the next level if you score below a 75. That said, 75-80 is considered ready for college. Higher scores can help change the designation on the diploma. Although five is the minimum to graduate, most students try to take more. If you pass nine or more, you get a Regents Diploma with Advanced Designation, which is a benefit when applying to college and can help get you scholarships. There are three math regents and earning a score 85 or higher on all three gets you a mastery in mathematics designation as well. There are also three science regents and scoring 85 or higher gets a mastery in science designation. Finally, the best you can get is by earning an average of 90 or higher across nine or more exams. With this, you get a Regents Diploma with Advanced Designation with Honors, which is the top of the top.

There are four categories of exams that the ten exams fall into and you need to pass at least one out of each category to get a Regents Diploma. That leaves one more required exam, which can come from any of the categories you choose. For the Advanced Designation, you need nine exams, so you can only ignore one exam. That exam can only come from one of the science or social studies categories, not the math Regents. The ten exams are: English Language Arts, Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Global History and Geography, United States History and Government, Living Environment, Earth Science, Chemistry, and Physics. Typically, Global History and Geography is seen as the most difficult as it is the one that the most students fail.

Taking the exam usually means that you need someone who knows the exam, which is why you should be looking to Regents tutors near me. We have all sorts of options throughout the state of New York that can help you with your exams. Whether you are in New York City, Rochester, Buffalo, Rye, Scarsdale, Ronkonkoma, or anywhere else in the state, we will help you find a tutor. As Big Tommy would say in Long Island, you can take it ease when you come to Premier Tutoring.


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Passing five Regents is easy for some, but there are others that just can’t make it. When that happens, you might feel hopeless and like you will not be able to ever recover. The good news is that you are not out of luck. You are allowed to take the Regents exams more than once to pass. If that does not work, you are able to appeal to graduate if you got passing scores on at least three and the remaining non-passing scores are between 60 and 64. This is the worst of the worst case scenario, but you should not let it get that far and make sure that before you are going into the retake of the exam, you are looking into private Regents tutoring.

So what do we look for in our tutors? The first thing that you or anyone should know about our company is that we offer in-person, at-home tutoring first and foremost. I say first and foremost because we allow you to substitute at-home for at the predetermined, agreed-upon location or sub in-person for online, but we always try to make sure that you are at least getting in-person. That means that you are going to be getting someone that is in the state of New York. Or they live in Jersey or Connecticut and they are just close by, but still know the test. Most of all you are getting someone that is familiar with the test, no matter which test it is. We might want to switch out the tutor based on which subject Regents exam you are taking because you want the expert each time, but we will always make sure that the person is deeply familiar with the test that you are taking.

When you search for Regents tutoring near me, you are looking for someone that is either going to get you above the 65 you need or above the 90 that you want for honors and that is what we deliver. The experience is catered to you, so you can get help whether you are struggling or if you are just trying to push yourself just that much further. When you finally get your score back, you will see marked improvement thanks to tutoring help.


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