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One thing we all have to do at one point or another is read. But there is still a bit of an adult literacy crisis in the United States. Around thirty-two million adults who call America home cannot read. You might be wondering how they survive, and you also do not want this to happen to your child. It can honestly happen to anyone, but the fact that you are proactive and concerned means that your child is in the right hands. However, your child is still struggling to read and although the other students in the class are reading at a third-grade level or above, your child is still at a much lower level. You have talked to their teacher several times and they say it takes time but they have also recommended you bringing in the help of a tutor.

Our private reading tutors know how to keep your child on the path of literacy. Each and every single person on this planet learns in their own unique way. Just like snowflakes, each of our brains is wired differently. So what might work for other students might not translate well with your child’s learning style. That is fine and does not make your child lesser than. All that means is they are going to need some outside help from a phonics tutor. This individual will be able to help your child figure out a way to read and feel confident in their ability. By utilizing fun reading games and pushing your student to be their best, our tutor will get the necessary results at a pace that is most ideal.

Nothing can be forced when it comes to learning. All you can do is have your child working with someone who has years of experience, the rest will fall into place. Also, there are students who might be able to read but they are struggling in their middle school English class. When they read something it is not sticking. They simply drone over the materials and cannot recite back what they have just read. This inability to read and comprehend happens more often than not but it is something that can be fixed. Our reading and comprehension tutors know how to help your child map things out so that they can remember what it is they are reading. A different approach to what they have been learning in class can really make a world of difference.

We have even had students who claim that their teachers do not even teach comprehending how to read skills, they just expect it to be known already. If your child is missing out on vital information then it is time to start searching for “reading tutoring near me.” Reading is something that should never be taken for granted, but for some that is the case. There are people who are fully capable of reading who refuse to open a book. But it is backed by science that those who read more, are more knowledgable and also happier.

It is ok to put down the remote control every once in a while and pick up a book. Some of your favorite shows and movies are based on books, so why not enjoy them on both mediums? Our reading tutors can show you books that will entertain and hold your attention. Reading is fun but it is also an important part of who we are, so go ahead and crack open a book.


Who we hire?


Sure, you can try to help your child learn how to read on your own. But you probably have been doing so only to find that it is not as easy as it looks. Just as you would never hire someone at your job who has zero experience in the field, you should not have your child learning from someone who has no teaching background. Although that may be hard to do, it will help your student in the long run when it comes to developing necessary reading skills.

Private reading tutoring sessions through Premier Tutoring will make sure your child is learning how to read from an absolute professional. Someone who has been helping children pick up this skill for years, all of our tutors have been vetted and have a proven track record.

We do not just let anyone work for us, we go through a rigorous interview process that focuses on what the tutor has done and how they plan on teaching in the future. We also get an assessment of their teaching style so that we can match you with someone who perfectly fits the style in which you or your student learns. Reading is a skill that we all must possess, but that does not mean we all have it. So for those students who are older but still struggling to read, we have tutors who can help.

An adult who wants to learn how to read might be apprehensive at first. I mean, you have already gotten through life and really you do not have the time to go to a class. With Premier Tutoring, the class comes to you. You will not have to go to a classroom or on campus in order to get a higher education. The classes will be delivered straight to your doorstep so you can learn in the comfort of your own home. Or you might prefer a library or cafe, you pick the setting. Our reading tutors will show up and help you on this journey to learn how to read.

You might be learning English as a second language and you need someone who speaks your native tongue to assist you on your quest. We have tutors who are multilinguist and absolutely fluent in several languages. They know their languages so well that it will be difficult for you to discover any issues in the way they speak. Fluency is important when it comes to finding a tutor who can help you bridge the lingual gap.

Let Premier Tutoring help you get rid of that headache and get you matched with a top of the line reading tutor. “Reading tutoring near me” provided by Premier Tutoring is really unlike you will ever experience in any type of classroom. But our customer service is where we start, we take down all of your preferences and get you matched with someone you can trust.


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