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For whatever reason, reading is a skill that we seem to take for granted in today’s society. Maybe with the advent of technology and mediums such as television or podcasts taking over, people just do not read as much. Because of that, some of our skills are lacking. But the ability to read and actually comprehend what you have just read is no simple feat. Private reading and comprehension tutoring sessions are not needed for you to come to that realization. All you need to do is crack open some Samuel R. Delany and you will soon find out the difference between reading and comprehending.

When I was a student in high school we always had summer reading assignments that we had to do before class started. I would always do them but when I got to class I quickly realized that what I thought I had read was completely wrong. I would raise my hand with the utmost confidence only to get the question wrong. It was funny to the rest of the class but totally embarrassing for me. It caused me to raise my hand much less while I was in class and it had a negative reflection on my overall grade. I never worked with a reading tutor, but the way that my teacher would break down the readings in class suddenly made it all make sense.

Your teacher might not be giving you the direction that you need but one of our tutors can help you do it for yourself. No one is going to be able to do the reading for you, you want to be an independent student who does not need the help of anyone else. Your tutor will focus on you by giving you the skills that some people never really achieve. One thing that I learned was that whenever you start to get confused you should stop and re-read the section. For so long I would just continue to read hoping that it would all make sense. Then I would find myself pages in and not having any idea what I was reading. This does not have to happen to you if you pay attention to one of our private reading and comprehension tutors.

You will have the power to burn down any obstacles that are placed in your way. Children have issues reading and comprehending as well if these are eliminated it will help them in the long run. This is why you need to get your child help right away because if they do not then you will never know what they are capable of achieving. There is so much reading to be done, it is never going to go away. You might also want a literature tutor.

Everywhere you go, there is something to be read. So it makes sense for you to get the help from Premier Tutoring right now so that your child is able to pick up good reading habits. It will really help them in the long run even if all they want to do right now is play video games and watch movies. Spending a few hours a week on their reading exercises will help them develop into a strong reader.


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Like most skills, enhancing your reading and comprehension skills comes down to repetition. You need to spend time reading and actively doing so in order to build up your skills. If you just aimlessly read books then you are not doing yourself any good. Yea, it might be cool to say that you have read a book. But it is totally uncool when someone asks you what you felt about the piece you have read and you draw a blank. To prevent that from happening, start your search for “reading and comprehension tutoring near me” right now. The early you start developing these skills the better.

We have a tutor who has been working in the industry for well over ten years now. They have helped students in several different grades get over their reading woes. This particular tutor started helping other students because they struggled with reading as a kid. It was so bad that in class when the teacher would have students read out loud our tutor would get skipped over. The teacher did not want to embarrass the child any longer, but unfortunately, the student went to an underfunded school. This means that the school was understaffed and there were way too many students in the class.

The teacher could not help out all the students, so our tutor spent hours alone in the library. They would read and re-read books that were covered in class. This way they knew they were reading it the right way because they had seen it done in class. After a few months of doing this, our tutor’s skills started to enhance. One day in class, after a whole school year of being ridiculed, our tutor raised their hand in class to start of the reading. The children snickered, and the teacher was a bit skeptical. But our tutor started reading, and to the surprise of everyone, it sounded flawless.

Our tutor ended up graduating at the top of their class and now has an advanced degree in English teaching. After years spent teaching in the school system, they now work as a tutor for Premier Tutoring. They want to make sure that no student ever has to go through what they went through as a child. But they also have proven methods that they know work because it worked for them and has worked for students of all different ages with all different issues.

The reason why our phonics tutor’s methods work is because they mold them for each and every student. Each one of our “reading comprehension tutors near me” has their own story and their own teaching style. Based on what you need as a student we will get you matched with the absolute perfect specimen. Reach out to our team of reps at Premier Tutoring so we can get things going for you.


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