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Python Tutoring

In programming, you learn languages to communicate with computers much the same that you would learn a language to communicate with another human. In English, we have syntax, which is the arrangement of words in a specific order to create well-formed sentences. Much the same, Python has its own syntax, which is something you must learn to become fluent. If you treat coding as a language system rather than a computer science black hole, you can begin to understand how to apply it. Working with private Python tutors, you can become an expert in the language and use it fluently to write your own code and program your own applications.

Python was released in 1991 by a Dutch programmer named Guido van Rossum, who was also the “Benevolent dictator for life” in the Python community before stepping down in 2018. Do not worry. The “for life” part was not literal and he is very much still alive. Van Rossum’s goal was to create a successor to the ABC programming language that was easy to use. This ease of use is what has led to a rise in the acceptance of Python as a major programming language. For many, it is the easy, entry level to coding that allows people to develop their ideas into major apps.

One of the great things about Python is that it uses a lot of English keywords. There are difficulties to learning other languages because you need to learn lots of variables and punctuation to program. When reading code, it looks like a whole bunch of gobbledygook that you can’t understand without a master’s degree in computer science. Python code is simple enough that you can pick up the basics with any understanding of the English language. It was also designed with the human brain in mind. Whereas other languages are designed with the end goal of letting the computer do the work, Python bridges the gap to make it easier for layman programmers to get in.

In addition, Python offers dynamic typing, which cuts down on the excess coding that needs to be done in other languages. C++ is another example of a traditional programming language, but it is statically typed, which means that you have to declare variable types. In the world of programming, this is very difficult because it requires a lot more work. You need to write a lot more code to make the same thing happen in C++ as opposed to Python. In addition, if you were to ever scale up and build on the code, Python is easily adaptable to get you to the next step.

Ultimately, the balance you must strike when using Python is between development time and programming power. Part of the reason that it has taken Python so long to catch on is that it requires more computing power than other languages. Because variables are not always defined, the computer has to do more of the heavy lifting when it comes to the execution. That means that you might need more server space to run Python programs than others. However, the development time that you save might be worth all of the additional money you spend on servers. Computers are more powerful than ever and getting stronger every day, so, eventually, the consequences of using Python over other languages will be reduced to an almost insignificant annoyance.

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Programming can be a very solitary career in some circumstances. You might have co-workers on projects, but oftentimes, it will just be you and a computer, so your social skills might not get tested on a daily basis. Many programmers and computer junkies are seen as awkward nerds because they interact in strange ways, but this is often the result of poor practice in the field rather than a truly un-social personality. In the case of private Python tutoring, you want to make sure that you are getting a great programmer as well as a great person, who can hold your hand when the going gets tough and can set you free when you start to shine on your own.

When looking for tutors, you want to work with someone that is not only good at programming on their own, but also has the skills to pass along that expertise to others. Many people think that the best programmers make the best teachers, but that is often not the case. In fact, the best in most fields are often not the best teachers.

The obvious examples come in the NBA, where players get promoted to coach all the time. Isiah Thomas was a star point guard in his career for the Detroit Pistons, going to 12 All-Star games (twice the MVP), winning two NBA championships (with one Finals MVP), and earning his spot in the Basketball Hall of Fame. He also managed to win an NCAA championship when he was a college player at Indiana. He seemed like a good choice to replace Larry Bird as the head coach, who himself was one of the greatest NBA players ever. Thomas coached three seasons with the Pacers and two with the Knicks, amassing a 187-223 record over that time. He went on to coach FIU to a 26-65 record over three seasons, which effectively ended his coaching career. The longtime star proved that despite his playing greatness, his ability to pass on knowledge to players to help them succeed was severely lacking, leading to three teams feeling the negative effects.

When we look for a Python tutor, we want someone with a proven track record of teaching success. Converse to Thomas, Doc Rivers was never a star player in his day. He spent time playing on four different teams and was once an All-Star, but never made an All-NBA team or won a championship. He began his coaching career soon after retiring as a player and has almost made his playing career an afterthought. Rivers was coach of the year in just his first season after taking the Magic, who were picked to finish last, to a near playoff berth. In his second coaching stint, for the Boston Celtics, Rivers won his first championship, using veteran stars and key contributions from a young, growing Rajon Rondo to win. As coach of the Clippers, when the Lakers made a splash by signing LeBron James and Rivers traded his best player Tobias Harris to the Sixers midseason, it was Rivers, not James, in the playoffs at season’s end, often using a lineup of three unproven rookies as starters.

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