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This is a test that you might look at and think, “Who the heck even hires a tutor for the PSAT?” As a student, this is one of the tests that you might be really excited for because your score is not directly counted as part of your college admissions decision. Whereas almost anything else you do during high school is to make sure that your grades and scores put you in the best position to go to the best college, the PSAT is a chance to kick back and relax on a Wednesday morning, skipping out on a morning of real classes to take this practice for the SAT (which you might not even take). For the first time, this is probably not that bad of an attitude to have. If you are doing all of the right work, this might be the break that you deserve. However, the reason that some parents choose to invest in private PSAT tutors when the test seemingly does not matter is a little thing called the National Merit Scholarship.

When I was a student, I was pretty sure that I was not going to be a National Merit Finalist, but everyone around me pushed me to consider the benefits of being named a Commended Scholar. The distinction is obvious, but the score difference is actually very slim. To get selected as a semi-finalist, your score needs to be in the top 1% of test takers, but commended scholars only need to be in the top 3-4%. This is done on a state-by-state basis, even though the test is standardized, so you need to be in the top 1% of your state. My home state is tied for the highest National Merit cutoff that is possible, but I was able to get commendation because I was still in the top 3-4% overall. The benefit might not have been the direct National Merit Scholarship, but it was a good feature on my overall resume and could have made the difference getting me into schools. I did not end up taking the money, but I got some pretty hefty scholarship offers thanks to the position I was in from the score.

The other benefit in putting the time in now for the PSAT is that it gives you a head start on preparing for the SAT. You are going to take the real test a couple years later, but you want to make sure that you are ready. One of the great things about the PSAT is that it is very similar in structure to the SAT. The grading is slightly different, but it works the same way in which you are penalized for wrong answers, so that should give you a little bit of a preview of what will come in the future. Students who do well on the PSAT usually do well on the SAT too, which can make it a great confidence boost to do well on the PSAT. By the time that you take the real test a couple years later, you know that you are going to ace the test again.

For the math portion, you are going to play by the same rules as the SAT, where there is a section where you are not allowed to use a calculator. This is probably the toughest section for students and it is good to prepare well in advance for it, especially if your math skills are not very strong. Working with an Algebra 1 tutor is a great idea because algebra is one of the main components in the math section. Choosing to focus in with one kind of tutor might be the best way to make sure that you are locked in on the day of the test.

Instead of selling the test short and selling yourself short, look for PSAT tutors near me who can help you prepare for this test like you would for the SAT. Luckily, there is no penalty for doing poorly, but you should be just as motivated by doing well.


Who we hire?


Let us look at two different personality types of students. The first student is a competitor. Maybe they are not an athlete, but they are someone that wants to win against their peers. There was a guy I grew up with like this and he would find any way to make sure that you knew that he was better than you. One time, he bragged to me about how many more women he was Facebook friends with than me. I think he wanted me to think that this made him more of a man than me, but I still do not really know. He confronted me when I was applying to colleges because he heard which school I was applying to early decision and was nervous that my acceptance might hurt his chances of getting in too. Most things that he did in life were petty attempts to seem like more than he was. Meanwhile, he was hiding the fact that he was working with private PSAT tutoring.

Here is the thing. There is never anything to be ashamed about when you seek the help of tutoring. Yet, so many people feel embarrassed to talk about the fact that they are seeing a tutor. Some concerns are social, like not wanting to seem pretentious about the fact that your family can afford tutoring. There are a lot of students that can’t get tutoring, so you have to walk a fine line if you are going to talk about it. You do not want to come off as bragging about your accomplishments. Other concerns might be about how you are seen as a student. Some think that getting tutoring is admitting weakness. That should not be the case.

Dealing with my old pal Mr. Confidence, you are going to need to be a smart tutor to know how to give him the best help. Chances are that he is going to be more wary of your ability than other students. He is a shark, so he is someone that is looking for weakness. He is going to sniff out a weak tutor easily. Your personality must be strong if you are going to match this type of intensity. Some tutors will probably get scared off, but there is someone out there that can help and we want to be the ones providing those tutors. We think that we can find the right person for you when you search PSAT tutoring near me.

Now, student two is someone who is not competitive. In fact, that lack of competitive spirit is also what lets them fall into lazy ruts. For these students, tutors must find creative ways to engage students in the material. Great tutors are able to adapt to the personalities of students, whether they are sharks or smart dolphins.


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