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One of the things that personally drives me nuts whenever I read something is when I find a typo somewhere. There are the ones that spell-check does not catch, like when you spell a word correctly, but mean one of its homophones. Those are not that bad. But, in the ones where someone has a word missing a letter or features a word typed twice, it is just embarrassing. Even if you write the world’s greatest essay and it moves me deeply, a simple typo makes it seem like you just do not care about the work that you are putting out into the world.

I am chief culprit when it comes to not proofreading my work, so I do not want to seem high and mighty over anyone. I see my flaw and do my best to avoid it when possible. But I also understand the other side. The easy part of writing anything is getting it out there on the page. If you are able to let your train of thought run unencumbered, it is very simple to hit a word count or a page minimum. Oftentimes, in high school essay writing, you just spit out as much as you can because you want to pad the length in any way you can. But what this does is leads to run-on thoughts and a bad reader experience. That is something you can fix with private proofreading tutors.

As the writer, you really do not know how the audience will respond. You might come up with things that you think are cool, but the execution does not always come out the way that you want the first time. That is why you go back over things to make edits and make sure that the reader, who is the only person that really matters, is going to enjoy the flow. You might also try working with an essay writing tutor, but that is not always the right option for you.

In screenwriting, many think that you can just put together a screenplay and be done with it. At 100 pages, it is an undertaking enough just to get it out there. But one little mistake in those 100 pages can make the difference between a sale and a pass. I have gotten a little more lenient as I have gotten older, but it sets a bad precedent when you allow typo-ridden writing to slide through. It encourages the laziness to let them get away with it, but it says more about the writer than it has to do with the reader’s nitpicking. If you are not going to treat your own work with respect, how will you treat the work when the stakes are raised. As a reader deciding if the work is compelling enough to capture an audience, typos are not that important, but as the financier that is investing millions of dollars upfront trusting that a professional will take care of that money responsibly and produce a finished product that is as good as possible, you want to be sure that nobody is cutting corners during any step of the process.

Just because there is a mistake in someone’s writing, it does not mean that they are necessarily a careless or bad writer. Mistakes happen and that is alright. But, if you have all of the tools in front of you to avoid those mistakes, it is always better to fix them than let them hurt your stellar reputation. Searching for proofreading tutors near me is a great way to make sure you are putting your best foot forward. You would not leave the house without looking in the mirror to make sure your hair is not mussed up and your clothes match, so why would you leave a paper without proofreading it first?


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It is really easy to cut corners. When the going gets tough, sometimes you just want to take the path of least resistance. Writing is hard, but rewriting is brutal. As someone that likes to get things done and check things off my to-do list, I often run into the issue of not checking my work and having it come back to haunt me later. For example, I was once the A/V guy during a group presentation in front of an important client. I edited a video, burned it to a disc, and quickly tested it on our DVD player with no problems arising. It seemed like I was done, so I just let it go until presentation time. During the presentation, we used a different device to play the DVD and it started skipping halfway through. I had only watched a few seconds to test it, so I did not realize that the back half got messed up somewhere along the process. Luckily, I had my laptop as backup, but the mistake put us under pressure at the worst possible time.

Proofreading is not sexy work, but it has to get done. It requires an attention to detail that many people lack. Anyone can wing things and sometimes everything works out as planned, but if anything goes wrong, the person who has taken the time to look over things is the one that is best prepared to adapt to pressure. In many ways, my having a laptop as backup was the lowest form of proofreading possible, essentially the equivalent of spell-check. In finding private proofreading tutoring, we want people that are able to spot the tiny little piece of information that others miss.

One thing I have noticed in professional reading jobs is that typos and other errors are rampant across the board. I have read professional screenwriters who are unable to use the proper version of there/their/they’re and it is infuriating. It is any industry where reputation can make up for everything, but when a writer with a high quote lets typos slip into their work, it is a quick indicator that they are phoning it in. Paying someone to look things over is a cheap investment in your own personal brand.

We are not necessarily looking for the grammar police. If you are the type that gets angry over grammatical errors or scolds people for not getting things right, tutoring just might not be the thing for you. But if you are the type that wants to help inspire people to care more about the words that they are putting on paper, becoming one of our go-tos when people search for proofreading tutoring near me might be the fulfilling job that you are missing out on.


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