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The field of project management falls under the business category of organizational behavior. The position might be a temporary title for a specific project or a full-time position, but either way requires a certain amount of social finessing to make sure that everything is running smoothly. It also requires an organized person who is good at planning. There are probably a lot of moving pieces, so a skilled project manager is someone that is able to make sure all of the pieces end up in the right place at the right time, hopefully completing a process that is repeatable and scalable. Becoming a skilled project manager takes time and practice, but you can also add to your skillset with the help of private project management tutors.

In some cases, project success and project management success can be completely unrelated, as they use different measures. For a project to be successful, you hope that the intended business function has been achieved. If you are working on a pitch, it is successful if you land the client. In the case of project management success, things work differently. Success in project management is an adherence to the process implemented by the manager. The factors that you might consider are whether the project was completed on time, within the agreed upon scope, and under budget. In the case of the pitch, a failure to secure the client can be mitigated if you are secure in your process and feel that it was completed to its fullest extent.

Usually, a project manager designs a process flow based on four key aspects affecting the project, sometimes referred to as the four Ps. The first is planning, which is where you take time before execution to come up with different objectives, maybe putting in a timeline and budgetary constraints that you will need to deal with. In this step, you might implement a SWOT analysis to help improve your plan formulation and make it more specifically designed for your needs. SWOT stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. You take an honest look at your company and its position, which can be great to guide your next steps. Next is process, which is the overall approach to the activities. This also includes governance. Third is people, which includes making sure that you have an understanding of internal dynamics. That means that you should gain an understanding of how people communicate and collaborate with each other. Finally, power must be considered. This is where the hierarchy is formed, bestowing authority on some and setting policies for implementations.

Once you have considered the four Ps, it becomes time to put them all together into a process flow. The easiest forms break down like a waterfall, with one step flowing naturally into the next. Usually, you start with planning and design, move to execution, then monitoring and controls (which can also take place during the execution stage), and completion. These are not hard and fast names, but they are similar to the processes that might take place in those steps. In reality, each of those steps, especially execution, might be broken into more specific goals based on the context of the project.

Some people might see these issues as the purview of a business coach, but there are specifics enough that you should search project management tutors near me if you are serious about being a better leader.


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Great project managers are people with a strong sense for people, which is why a background in organizational behavior is great for joining our private project management tutoring. One thing that I have noticed as someone with a background in business from college is that being a great manager, of any kind, is really hard. A lot of people see their own career trajectory in terms of the upward slope, but once you reach a certain point, you are going to have to start looking back and carrying up the people behind you. Bad managers allow people to flail around independently, but a good manager is someone who can inject the right amount of help at the perfect time to right the ship. A great tutor is both an employee and a manager, in the way that they are hired by a tutee, but must still wield some authority to keep things on the right path.

One of the character traits that lends to being a good project manager is leadership. This can come in many different ways and is something that not everyone possesses. We are able to see perfect examples of this in sports, as a lot of individuals are given the keys to the castle, believe in their ability on the court, but falter when it comes time to actually execute. Kyrie Irving spent a long time as the second fiddle to LeBron James on the Cleveland Cavaliers and decided that he was sick of being a follower and wanted to be the leader on his own team (despite being the best player and leader on the team in the years before LeBron joined the team. He got his wish and got traded to the Boston Celtics, but, unsurprisingly, his team did not immediately win a championship. He got injured before the playoffs and they actually played really well without him. This moved into the next season, as Kyrie wanted to reestablish himself as the vocal leader of the team. He called players out publicly and often seemed like he viewed himself higher than his teammates. They pushed back. Instead of letting him walk all over them, they let him know that this was not the right kind of leadership. The fractured locker room led to a mediocre, below-expectations season where the Celtics, favorites to win the conference, finished fourth, just barely above the fifth-place team.

Most people know how to do their jobs and do not need that much guidance, but there are small things that come up in execution that need an expert overseer to keep from derailing everything. We want people that are able to keep the eye on the prize with projects, while also making sure to stay within the parameters of the project. To get the best help available, search for project management tutoring near me.


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