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In life, there are going to be risks. Even brushing your teeth, you risk choking on the toothpaste and dying in the bathroom. It would be a very lonely and sad way to go. The reason we still brush our teeth anyway is that the probability that you would actually choke on your toothpaste is so infinitesimally small that you can safely assume that it will not happen. Risk assessment is based entirely on probabilities, using previous data to make inferences about the future. Most professional risk assessers are in the insurance industry. Companies use this data to determine your rates and stay afloat, as they do not want too many huge payoffs leaving them bankrupt or too many leaving consumers thinking that they are stingy. Insurance is a soul-suckingly boring industry, but that does not mean that you will not assess risk in your own life.

It might come in a form that you do not expect. For example, you probably do not associate probability with eating lunch, but it could enter when deciding on the best place to eat. You might think about the likelihood that there is a line and avoid a place because you are not willing to take the chance that it takes longer than expected. I used to work at an ice cream store and I would say that six out of seven days a week, the frozen yogurt machine was broken. If you are craving a soft-serve swirl on a cake cone, you would be very disappointed if you showed up at our store on one of the bad days. If you knew the low likelihood that the machine would work, you would pick another fro-yo place instead.

Any investing opportunity will also contain a lot of risk, which might also be a reason to look for private probability tutors. Any time you are going to invest money, you want to know the expected return to decide if it will be worth it in the end. Ultimately, any investment could lead to a dismal return, which is why you use probability to help make decisions. If the risk is high, you might still consider making an investment if the rewards are enough to cover the cost.

The obvious place where probability is vitally important is in gambling. On one side, bookies set the spread based on the probability that bettors will bet either side of the number. They control the proportions of bettors for and against to make sure they come out on top when all of the winning bets need to be paid out. Bookies might be the worlds best probability masters, as their livelihood is inherently tied to a strong knowledge of probability. They have the same information as bettors and must key in on previous behavior to make sure that they are in the black at the end of the day. One bad line could spell the difference between breaking even and paying out far beyond the coffers can handle.

Many see gambling as a nefarious industry, but the fact is that everything in life is a gamble. There are risks in everything that you do. Even in hiring a tutor, you are investing a large chunk of money for the hope that grades or competence will improve. There is no way to know for certain in advance, but you must still go forward or cut short based on whether you truly believe that it is worth the cost. When you search probability tutoring near me and land on Premier Tutoring, you can give yourself the skills to analyze risk every day and make it a simple part of improving your decision-making.


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Knowledge is great. There is no substitute for a knowledgeable tutor. But GI Joe had it right when they said that knowledge is half the battle. The other half is context because knowledge often means nothing in a vacuum. They say that if you give a man a fish, he eats for a week, but if you teach a man to fish, he eats for a lifetime. Well, if you teach a man to fish and drop him in the middle of the Sahara, his lifetime will not last very much longer. Context in the case of tutoring includes all of the human aspects that you might take for granted. If knowledge was so easily passed on from individual to individual, we would all be smarty pantses. There are many factors that go into efficiently passing on lessons, including your natural, genetic ability to learn, however, personality is also key.

Finding the right private probability tutoring is a mix between finding people who are experts in data and finding people who know how to play well with others. Patience is a virtue that not everyone possesses and it it vital in a good tutor. When a student does not understand a topic, the tutor can never be the one that gets frustrated. You are the safety net for the student to fall into, so there can’t be any tears in the rope. A tutor should be able to re-engage a student when the going gets tough, as the going will get tough quite a bit.

Oftentimes, people looking to get jobs focus on the skills you might find in any job posting. In the end, those are obviously important to the job, but there are certain intangibles that most people are looking for beyond those skills. In many situations, you are going to be up against ten other qualified people that tout all of the same skills that you do. In those situations, the best way that you can differentiate yourself is with the additional personality traits that make you great. Your ability to stay patient and suggest new solutions when a student struggles could make the difference between you working with a student and them seeking a new statistics tutor.

In searching for probability tutors near me, parents want to know that their babies are in the right hands. They do not want to gamble on a tutor, so we want people where the probability of success is greatest.


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