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Precalculus Tutoring

Precalculus is a class that you are probably going to take somewhere around 9th grade, maybe as your first math class in high school. When you are learning these concepts that will become the foundation for calculus later in your educational career, you are going to set yourself up for the best future possible. This is also the reason that you need to make sure that you understand all of the concepts fully because you do not want to end up in a situation where you are falling behind when it comes to those levels. A good foundation on a house is going to keep you structurally sound when disaster comes and that is exactly why you want to focus your attention in your precalculus studies. Instead of letting concepts slip, get help with private precalculus tutors to make sure that you are ready to go when the time comes to take calculus and then take the higher levels once you get to high school.

Algebra and trigonometry are some of the fundamentals to precalculus, so making sure that you are up to date in those is also important before you get to your precalculus class. Some students that struggle in precalculus might benefit from additional work with trigonometry tutors, as they can help you get through some of the basics. Algebra also has its own pre class called pre-algebra, but that class works a little differently than precalculus does in relation to calculus. In pre-algebra, you are going to learn some of the basic algebraic concepts, but in precalculus, you might never even start going into calculus. Instead, you are going to focus your attention on deepening your knowledge of algebraic and trigonometric concepts. These will all become more important in calculus, which is why you spend this time preparing.

Some of the topics that you will learn in precalculus include functions and graphs. You probably started getting acquainted with the graphing functions of your calculator and the simple y intercept and slope functions that you are introduced to in algebra, but the is going to deepen your knowledge of rate of change and show you where it all comes from and what it is used for. Practical application of functions can be introduced here. Rates of change are a vital concept of precalculus and will become more important in higher levels down the line. Another concept that you are going to talk a lot about is Euler’s number, which is the mathematical constant e. The number is the one whose natural logarithm equals one. Precalculus does a lot of work with logarithmic equations, which are going to be leveled up when you get to calculus. Understanding this level will help you when you get to derivatives in future grades.

Another of the topics that you will learn about is vectors. There are a lot of people that think that vectors and lines are the same thing, but there is a major distinction. Lines are continuous in both directions. They are infinite. Hypothetically, they wrap all the way around the world and come back to overlap with themselves forever. If they were to have end points on both ends, they would be line segments. But I like the idea of vectors, especially in the context of precalculus tutors near me, because they have one fixed endpoint and then go off into eternity. Tutoring can only help you once you start, but getting to that base allows you to begin the journey of growth that will continue on forever. The start can come at any time, but the end is never coming.


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Math tutors can be some of the most commonly found because there are a lot of people that struggle with math and there are concrete answers to problems, unlike English class, which has very subjective answers. You might not go to an English tutor because there is no reason to go to someone that is just telling you the same subjective stuff that you learn in class. Math class has very measureable results. You know whether or not you got the answer right, so you can know whether your process is correct as well. When you see an issue in the process, the common thought is to go to private precalculus tutoring, which is exactly what we want to happen. We want people to go to tutors the same way that they would go to a dentist for a toothache or go to the grocery store to buy food. This should be a common purchase instead of being a luxury that most people can’t afford.

Part of achieving the level of reputation necessary for this to change habits, we need to be sure that the tutors we are sending out are providing enough value to justify all of the expenditure. If parents feel like they are not getting returns on the money that they are investing, it will never catch on as a worthwhile use of your money. That is why we make sure that our tutors are of the highest quality. When you are one of our math tutors, you can’t just walk in the door and say that you know math good and expect that you will get a job as part of our team. We have a rigorous process of vetting because that is part of the value that we offer to parents. One of the most time-consuming parts of hiring a tutor as a parent is the vetting process because you might have to vet lots of tutors. We do that in advance to take that stress from the families.

For parents looking for precalculus tutoring near me, you should get the best of the best when you work with us. Our tutors have degrees in mathematics and other backgrounds that show you that they are proficient in the topic that they are tutoring. We make sure that tutors are not selling you a false bill of goods. We test our tutors before you buy, so you always know that you are getting the best quality help.


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