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Tests are one of the most annoying things that you have to deal with as a student. It is to the point where you sometimes get angry at a teacher for a test because they are so much pressure to study for. The thing about tests is that they are there to evaluate your ability to know whether you are ready to move on. And the same tests that you have to take as a student, your teachers had to take when they were students. Not only that, they even have to take a standardized test all of their own, which is called the Praxis test. This is the exam that is required in many states if you want to get your teaching certification. There are two separate tests that make up the Praxis and almost half of the country requires that you pass if you are going to become a licensed teacher. If you want to improve your chances of doing well on not just one, but both tests, private Praxis tutors are the best way to make sure that you are ready to take the test and earn the right to teach students.

In most colleges and universities, you are going to have to take a test before you are allowed admission. This is true of the SAT and ACT before you go to undergraduate college, but it is also true of the Praxis exam before you go to a graduate program in teaching. That does not mean that you need to pass both tests, but you will probably need to pass the Praxis I test before you are admitted into a graduate program. The Praxis I exam consists of three sections: reading, writing, and math. This is pretty much what you should be used to, as that is also the SAT format you would learn with SAT tutors. In 2014, the Educational Testing Service, or ETS, transitioned to the Praxis CASE test, which stands for Core Academic Skills for Educators. The sections of the exam can actually be taken separately or you can take them all at once like with most tests.

Before you are able to apply for your license, you will also need to pass the Praxis II exam. This test covers many different subject areas and each state has different requirements for which Praxis II exams are required for certification. It is important that you do the research to find out which ones you will need before you take the test and find out that it was not the right one. Most states require tests of content knowledge and pedagogy. Your test score on this part of the test can be very important in determining your future as a teacher because high scores put you in a category of highly qualified teachers that get better jobs under the No Child Left Behind Act. Additionally, there is a Praxis II School Counseling exam that is required to become a professional guidance counselor in schools.

You might be used to a lot of other tests that do not allow for much variety in the questions. You are asked to take the same test as everyone else. That is why the Praxis II test is so cool because there are lots of different types of tests that you can take based on the subjects that you are interested in teaching. For example, there are around 10 different special education exams that cover the different types of needs that students have and different specializations that teachers want to take. You can also take grade specific tests, like middle school level subjects. The options are massive, just like your options for Praxis tutors near me. If you are looking to take either section of the Praxis test, consider signing up with Premier Tutoring.


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Alan Moore, one of the great comic book writers, wrote a great line in his signature book Watchmen that asked the question “Who watches the Watchmen?” That is a very good question about the checks and balances to authority, but it can also be applied to the case of teachers. When you are looking to take the Praxis test, who teaches the teachers? There is a bit of a paradox to the idea of a Praxis tutor. It might even be an oxymoron. To become a tutor, you are not required to get any type of licensure. The Praxis test is the test you must take to get teaching licensure. So how can one tutor the licensure test without needing to get certification? I guess you could pass the test and never apply to become a teacher, but most of the private Praxis tutoring that we look for will come from licensed teachers that want to pass back their knowledge to the next wave of teachers. This can come in many forms, but tutoring is a great way for teachers to rebuild the skills that got them to be teachers in the first place.

The good thing about tutors for teachers is that everybody is on the same page. When you try to apply a teaching technique, the chances are that your student will see exactly what you are trying to do. This can help create a great synergy between tutor and student. The problem comes in the idea that you can never let it seem like the student is smarter than the teacher. When you are in a position where you are learning from someone in a position of authority, you might find that you are smarter than your teacher and that instantly undermines everything that comes out of the teacher’s mouth. Once the credibility is lost, it can shatter the relationship between tutor and student.

Those teachers that are able to succeed in our Praxis tutoring near me are those that are able to let their students feel like this is a partnership rather than an authority figure that knows all of the right answers. Sometimes, you find more success when you make it feel like you are all in this together. You will know what to do from your experience, so just let us know how you would handle tough situations, which you should have plenty examples to cover.


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